Friday, September 05, 2008

Hoppin' Mad

As we all know, you must now have credit checks and give your firstborn up if you want to fill your car up with gas. Since my daily commute to work is five minutes *with* traffic, I haven't had to spend much money on said detestable fossil fuel since early June.

Anyway.... ever since gas prices got freakin' ridiculous, I have kept an eye peeled for a "deal" on gas. I was glad then, to see that the little convenience store around the corner from my house had a "deal" yesterday.

The posted price for regular unleaded was $3.54. While this isn't the $.99 cents I'd love it to be, it's a heck of a lot better than the $4.08 (I think) that we got up to at the high point of the insanity.

I pulled in to gas up. I pushed the button for the REGULAR UNLEADED because I *never* buy premium (you have to pony up the credit check, some DNA, the kid, an arm AND an ovary for premium) and started the pump.

I happened to be looking in the direction of the LCD screen, so I noticed that the display went from zero to almost a dollar and a half immediately. The pump had flipped to premium! I was already pumping, and I needed gas, so I kept going. When I printed out my receipt, I realized that they'd pulled the classic bait and switch -- they lured me in with the low price and then they set the pumps to automatically switch to premium. Nice, huh?

I plan on complaining as soon as I can a.) find someone who gives a damn, and b.) find out who you report this sort of thing to in my area.

Damned price gougers! Made me so mad....


Miche said...

They should be ashamed of themselves to do something so low!

ccw said...

Ouch! I would be furious. In y current state I probably would have set the place on fire or at least ran by BAS into a pump.

amy said...

I think it's actually illegal (a form of fraud), and the first place I can think of to contact would be the same as if you were reporting price gouging. Attorney General's office, maybe? That's who I remember handled some price gouging stuff that happened in my state a couple of years ago.

If not, you could always contact your local news channel's problem solvers. They'd love to have a story on this and they'd have the resources to get to the bottom of it and get it reported to the right place. Worth a shot, anyway.

LaReina said...

Amy's right - alert your state's Attorney General's office. Here in the Land o'Lincoln (& Obama), our AG, Lisa Madigan (who I believe is the sister of actress Amy Madigan) started investigating gas and oil prices for any evidence of fraud when heating costs went up so sharply a couple years back. She loves filing lawsuits against the evil doers of the land.