Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just Living

I'm here, though I don't have much worthy to post. (Except the stuff I *can't* post about, like the temper-tantrum, spoiled rotten kid I have this year....)

*Offspring has settled in to seventh grade -- it's hard to believe that she's already in seventh grade -- and seems to be enjoying seeing her friends, if not overjoyed at the idea of being back at school.

*Juggling Freak is ass-deep in alligators at work, which is necessitating long days and excessive crankiness from people who wish (and can't get) his services. It also makes him stumblingly tired. Poor guy... I just try to provide him with foot rubs to make it all better.

*I have a lot of craft projects to take pictures of and post, but I keep forgetting to do that.

*Why in blue blazes do middle schoolers need so many fricking binders and composition books?!? And what genius decided my daughter's school did NOT need lockers, meaning that they have to tote 20-pound bookbags around?


Offspring Moment Of The Day: I was talking with her after school the other day, discussing her classes, and how she likes her teachers... all that sort of jazz... She was telling me about her French class, and I mentioned that I could help her with pronunciation, if she needed it. She mumbled, "Yeah...", clearly just responding, and not really *hearing* me. Then, light dawned -- "Hey! Yeah! You *can * help me!" The other shoe dropped, and she remembered that French was my language in school.


kathy a. said...

much sympathy and virtual chocolate. i think of 7th grade as kind of near the epicenter of badness. but still not so bad that a girl can't figure out her mom can help her!

soooo -- my daugher and her best friend from college, who lives near us, just had 2 grand days at disneyland!! they start late. but anyway, she came back with souvniers, even one for her brother, the nemesis. and for me and dad? a wedding figurine, of minnie and mickey. is that cute, or what?

Jenevieve said...

7th grade?!?!?!? I've been reading your blog for *3* years! Wow.

And if you're passing out footrubs, I'm a willing recipient... :)

jo(e) said...

Oh, jenevieve beat me to it. I guess there's a line for the foot rubs now ....

Anonymous said...

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