Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flaming Red Skin and Burning Ears

Offspring had a Girl Scout trip on Saturday to a small waterpark about an hour away from our town. Parents were allowed to attend, and moreover *needed* to attend to get all 22 girls there and back.

I went, and of course, got sunburned. Despite having put sunblock on THREE times in the five hours we were there, and wearing a t-shirt the whole time. The sunburn was bad enough, but it only lasted for about 36 hours before it no longer stung like a mother. I also seemed to have come home with an ear infection in my right ear.

It *hurts.* I took lots of over the counter medications for it yesterday, and that did help ease the pain off. I originally was thinking that I'd maybe gotten a scratch down in the ear canal or something, but it still hurts, even after applications of hydrogen peroxide AND alcohol.

I have a doctor's appointment for later this afternoon, and hopefully, they'll give me something that will allow me to sleep decently tonight.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being A Productive Member of Society

Offspring is in Art Camp during the day all this week, so I've actually had to curtail my nocturnal urges and go to bed at decent hours. She has to be at the camp location at nine every morning, so I'm trying to stay awake and be a real, live contributing member to society while she's gone.

I met a friend for lunch and shopping yesterday, and today, I plan on making a trip to Kinko's to photocopy some documents for my father. I also may make a stop to the local craft emporium for a design element that I need for an upcoming project.

Tomorrow, Offspring finishes camp and JF and I plan on attending the Parent Art Show in the afternoon to see what she learned this week. Saturday comes with plans to attend a little water park in a nearby town for a Girl Scout outing. I have cleaned a good bit of my house, and am no longer quite so embarrassed to open the door to deliverymen and passing Jehovah's Witnesses.

I'm spending time working on craft projects, and getting ready for the upcoming fun stuff that I have planned, including a bloggy meetup with CCW. I'm hoping that we don't scare her and her family off when they visit the area in a week or so. Here's hoping!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Massive Cleanup

I decided last week that Offspring's room was no longer livable. There was just too much crap stuffed in her small room. So, we set off last week to get all the crap down to a manageable level. Offspring and I ended up filling 27 bags with old Barbies, assorted odds and ends, and old Happy Meal Toys coated with layers of dust.

After most of the day, and quite a copious amount of hefting and carrying of overloaded trash bags to the curbside, her room looks mostly normal again. Well, as normal as a teenager's room can look.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not Much Of Anything

I wish I could tell you that my silence has been due to the fabulousness that is my life, but sadly, no. I've just been hanging out, doing as little as possible. I've been maintaining just enough energy to insure that lichen doesn't start growing on my backside, and for me, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

I'm biding time until Offspring starts camp next week, and then vacations and two possible quickie bloggy meetups afterward. Been busy in the craft room, and that's about the extent of my actual productivity.

Updated to add: Offspring's room has looked like a tornado threw up in it for about the last six months. Since I've never won any prizes for *my* housekeeping skillz, this wasn't concerning me all that much. But, today, I got a wild hair up my nether regions to get that festering pile down to a manageable size. One that a child could, you know, LIVE in! Twenty-seven trash bags and five hours later....her room actually has visible floor! Now, I'm taking some Advil, and going to sleep.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

In Honor Of Our Nation's Birth

Thanks to my lovely husband for the heads-up!