Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not Much Of Anything

I wish I could tell you that my silence has been due to the fabulousness that is my life, but sadly, no. I've just been hanging out, doing as little as possible. I've been maintaining just enough energy to insure that lichen doesn't start growing on my backside, and for me, that's a pretty big accomplishment.

I'm biding time until Offspring starts camp next week, and then vacations and two possible quickie bloggy meetups afterward. Been busy in the craft room, and that's about the extent of my actual productivity.

Updated to add: Offspring's room has looked like a tornado threw up in it for about the last six months. Since I've never won any prizes for *my* housekeeping skillz, this wasn't concerning me all that much. But, today, I got a wild hair up my nether regions to get that festering pile down to a manageable size. One that a child could, you know, LIVE in! Twenty-seven trash bags and five hours later....her room actually has visible floor! Now, I'm taking some Advil, and going to sleep.


ccw said...

Sounds like a good summer to me.

I will see you in August if I have to walk from Charleston to you. :)

Miranda said...

Klee, that sounds like good summer to me, too. May you find the rest of the summer to be just as restful.

amy said...

Holy crap, KLee! 27 bags?! I'm in awe that you had the stamina to do that much in a room that isn't even yours. (For the record, I'm a terrible housekeeper, so I can imagine the tot's room getting that bad some day.)

I hope your summer is relaxing - you deserve it.

ccw said...

27 bags? Did you find Jimmy Hoffa? Though I shouldn't be amazed because we usually get 1-2 full bags when we do Kid L's and we do it at least 1 a month.

KLee said...

Yes, 27 bags full of Bratz dolls, Polly Pocket pieces, and assorted other odds and ends that no longer have all their other parts. This was really the bulk of the mess. All the toys she no longer plays with, or had even looked at in years.

A couple of bags were devoted to school stuff -- her school has no lockers, so they have to bring everything home. Books, papers, projects. There were several piles of notebooks with drawings and notes in them, and lots of old papers.

amy said...

My heart skipped a beat when I read you threw out her toys, but I guess Offspring probably won't care about those. The tot, on the other hand, goes apoplectic when she discovers I've put a toy up on her closet shelf because she hasn't played with it in weeks and I'm just trying to clean off the floor, ya know? What she'd do if she ever caught me throwing out her fireplacing kid's meal toys, I have no idea, and I don't want to think about it.