Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Massive Cleanup

I decided last week that Offspring's room was no longer livable. There was just too much crap stuffed in her small room. So, we set off last week to get all the crap down to a manageable level. Offspring and I ended up filling 27 bags with old Barbies, assorted odds and ends, and old Happy Meal Toys coated with layers of dust.

After most of the day, and quite a copious amount of hefting and carrying of overloaded trash bags to the curbside, her room looks mostly normal again. Well, as normal as a teenager's room can look.


ccw said...

Wow! I bet it was great to see that there was in fact a room underneath everything.

Fortune Cookies said...

WOW! that's the cleanest teenager's room I've ever seen!

kathy a. said...

good thing you got a photo.

27 bags is a real accomplishment!

Karyn said...


And inspirational. I have had 3 TRUCKLOADS of sh*tola taken out of my basement THIS MONTH. It's still not empty. But we're getting there.