Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being A Productive Member of Society

Offspring is in Art Camp during the day all this week, so I've actually had to curtail my nocturnal urges and go to bed at decent hours. She has to be at the camp location at nine every morning, so I'm trying to stay awake and be a real, live contributing member to society while she's gone.

I met a friend for lunch and shopping yesterday, and today, I plan on making a trip to Kinko's to photocopy some documents for my father. I also may make a stop to the local craft emporium for a design element that I need for an upcoming project.

Tomorrow, Offspring finishes camp and JF and I plan on attending the Parent Art Show in the afternoon to see what she learned this week. Saturday comes with plans to attend a little water park in a nearby town for a Girl Scout outing. I have cleaned a good bit of my house, and am no longer quite so embarrassed to open the door to deliverymen and passing Jehovah's Witnesses.

I'm spending time working on craft projects, and getting ready for the upcoming fun stuff that I have planned, including a bloggy meetup with CCW. I'm hoping that we don't scare her and her family off when they visit the area in a week or so. Here's hoping!


La Reina said...

You *may* stop at the local craft emporium for *a design element*???? That may be the funniest thing you're written every year.

Admit it, KLee, you *may* stop at Kinkos, but *will* stop at the craft store, from which you will eventually emerge carrying far more than one item.

KLee said...

Nah -- I have a shipment of craft stuff coming in the next five days or so, so I probably won't spend too long at the craft store.

I'm looking for a tin container, which I plan to give to a friend of mine, and that's all I'm really looking for. Of course, I may stop by the clearance ribbon aisle, which seems to be my particular jones this week. And, I was looking for a shadow box frame, so I may get one of those as a birthday gift for my mother.

Other than that, I will most likely NOT buy anything, not only due to the shipment coming, but also due to the fact that I'm saving spending money for vacation! :)

Normally, I'd agree with you wholeheartedly!

La Reina said...

Tin container, ribbon and a shadowbox frame....let's see. Even my dyscalculic brain knows that's more than one thing. LOL

Of course I only bought one thing the other day. Yarn. Never mind it was like 10 skeins of various was *only* yarn.

ccw said...

I hope Offspring is enjoying camp. I wish I could send Kid L to camp again. :) The hormones, the age...

I know the door embarrassment. My house stays clean for approximately half a day every time I clean. I am determined to get it picked up before we leave tomorrow but I find myself just sitting.

If anyone scares anyone it will be my family scaring yours. After 2 hours you'll conveniently remember that you will be in Alaska in October. (Side note: my mom will watch the kids so we will pick a weekend and book our flight when we get home)

KLee said...

Ha! The joke's on La Reina! I DID go to Kinko's, but I didn't even go to the craft store! So there! :P

Nah, the papers I had to copy were MUCH more important than craft shopping. Maybe now we'll have some progress on getting the deed to our house. Hopefully.

Marni said...

OMG! I wish I could be there and meet CCW, too!! So jealous.