Monday, May 05, 2008

Hilarious, And Sad, All At The Same Time

Went to rehearsal last night, where I find that the choreographer has inserted me (and three others) into a dance number in which we were not previously included.

Very scary.

I'm most definitely *not* a dancer. Most of the moves are within my grasp, but my timing is atrocious. I turn half a second after everyone else, and I'm gallumphing around like a maddened wildebeest.

I'll just try to stay in the back and not kill or maim my dancing partner.


Gawdess said...

as much as I like the image of a maddened wildebeest in the middle of a dance number - I highly doubt that is anything like what you appear.

It would take me right off guard to suddenly find myself in the midst of a dance number I wasn't expecting though, and I imagine I might feel like one.

liz said...

Back in my senior year of high school, I opted for folk and ball-room dancing instead of yet another year of basketball and volleyball (at 4'11", can you blame me?)

My teacher said something that has stayed with me for life and encouraged me to take Hawaiian Dance at Nearby U. She said, "If you can walk and count, you can dance. Dancing is just walking while counting."

ccw said...

I somehow doubt that it is as terrible as you think. However, I do understand your concern over being suddenly thrust into a dance number. A little warning would be nice.