Friday, May 09, 2008

Trickle Down

Since posting has been rather thin and spotty of late -- mainly due to school, rehearsals, and, oh, that pesky "real life" thing -- I'm planning on phasing out this blog.

There are other reasons as well. I feel like my metaphorical well has run dry, and there's not many of you here to read the few things I post anyway. It's not all about the stats, though. If I was writing stuff I was happy with, it wouldn't matter. And I'm just not. I think that, almost three years in, that I've said almost everything worthwhile I had to say.

That having been said, I will still stay on as a Wednesday Whine moderator and still keep on reading my blogroll. I've made such wonderful friends through this blog (and others) and I don't want to lose that.

I may have a few more posts left in me before the flow slows down to more than a trickle. Thanks. For everything.


kathy a. said...

((( klee ))) hope to keep up, one way or another.

Miche said...

We'll sure miss you!

Hope you're having a blast working on your show!

Sue said...


Catch you on the Wednesday side of life.

Jenevieve said...

Well, I'll be on the blogosphere anyway, just in case, but since I stopped Hot Like Ebola over a year ago, I can't reeeaallly complain, can I?

p.s. you going to be near asheville circa august this year?

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

I definitely understand (having just come back from a long hiatus). Just please keep this blog up so that if, say, you go to WDW, you can post pics and news from the House of Mouse!

jo(e) said...

You've had some wonderful posts here -- I'm glad you chose to share yourself with us.

Karyn said...


You do what you have to do, with blog-blessings of course, but you will be missed.

But how can the blog which gave me the now-standard phrase "Asshat" POSSIBLY be phased out?

Oh, a sad, sad day indeed.

ccw said...

I hate to see you go or trickle away but I understand the feeling.

This gives us an excuse to talk more often since I won't know what all is going on.


LaReinaDP said...

You better start visiting ath:bd more regularly now - it's been getting pretty quiet there, too. And what's this "real life" stuff I keep hearing about?? There's more than just work, work, paying bills (and having nothing left over) and more work?

liz said...

I'm sorry, but second (third? tenth?) the hope that you will keep the blog up and post as the spirit moves you.