Friday, May 02, 2008

Pray For My Sanity

I'm headed off to the beach today, with my rambunctious little charges in tow. Everyone pray that no one drowns. Or that I have the urge to drown anyone.

Edited to add:

Back from the beach. No one died, though we did end up leaving two students behind at school who thought they didn't have to actually *do* the work we assign in class. Little did they know! Kids got soaked and sandy. I got a parking ticket. Hoo-freaking-ray. We saw little crabs and bivalves in the tidal pools, and watched a lifeguard chuck a jellyfish over the jetty to keep it away from nosy little fingers.

So, no one died, and no one got hurt. All in all, a successful field trip.


amy said...

It's 2:47 Eastern. Is anyone dead yet?

ccw said...

Glad no one died!

I can't even imagine taking kindergarten children en mass to the beach.

Karyn said...

Death - 0, Injuries - 0 ... Klee, that is a smashingly successful day by my standards. Nice work. :)