Sunday, June 24, 2007

Safely Home

We've made it home without mishap from the annual trek to Mouse World. Had a great time, and will update once all the pictures are uploaded and stuff is cleaned up off of our living room floor.


Marni said...

Glad you are home. My pics are uploaded, but I'm too lazy to type up a post on it!

Can't wait to hear how much fun you guys had... :)

jo(e) said...

Welcome home.

Karyn said...

Damn it woman! I want updates and a bloody detailed trip report and I want it NOW! I have had a savage Mouse Jones going on since you departed! Plus PMS!


Did I mention the PMS?

*sulk* FINE, I'll wait... ;-)

amy said...

You'll update once the stuff is picked up off the living room floor? Now there's a promise I'd never make unless I was ready to quit blogging. ;)

Glad you're home safely. Can't wait to see the pics!