Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Praise Jesus and Pass The Napkins!

We are off this Saturday for our annual jaunt to Disney World. There are so many things that we look forward to, but one of Juggling Freak's favorites has to be the pizza.

We discovered a restaurant called Giordano's on one of our first few trips there, and Juggling Freak about imploded from the sheer ecstasy that is their stuffed pizza. And when I say "imploded", that is no exaggeration. The man begins to dream about the pizza each year about this time. He wakes himself up at night because he's drooling in his sleep. We had to buy an electric cooler/fridge so that we can transport pizza home with us. You see the attachment? I assure you, his love for this particular establishment's pizza is not mere hyperbole. It's almost scary.

On another note, I discovered a few days ago that Marni and her lovely family (including her hilarious father, Coffeypot) are scheduled to be in Orlando the very same time that we are, and we are trying to arrange a get-together, possibly one at this very pizza establishment. I will make sure that JF does not maim them, should they come too close to his conspicuous consumption of pizza. I only hope we don't scare the bejeezus out of Marni and her family.

What could be better? Vacation, pizza, AND a blogger meetup? I'm so excited!


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

So jealous that you're going to WDW. I will go for Star Wars Days (or whatever it's called) some year and we'll meet up! (We HAVE to meet up, you know, because you're Luke and I'm Han.)

Have fun!

amy said...

Oh holy god of cheese and sauce, Giordano's is the best pizza ever. Every time I'm in Chicago I seem to find myself face first in one of their stuffed pies. It's heavenly.

Have an awesome trip and a fantastic blogger meet up!

ccw said...

I cannot get over that pizza! It's like a small baby on a platter. It looks delicious.

So jealous that you are off to hang out with the mouse. I have never been but we plan to go once Nonami is old enough to remember. So, have a few more years.

Meeting Marni? Lucky you! I'd love to meet her and the family.

KLee said...

APL -- I'll take pics of Star Wars Weekends for you. Any requests? :)

Amy -- JF has gotten into the habit of begging us to order him a Giordano's pizza for every special holiday -- Father's Day, his birthday, Christmas... He was overjoyed to find out that they will FedEx a pizza to you! (Only veggies, though. Not a big deal to him since the veggie is his favorite!)

CCW -- I TOLD you that the pizza was huge! And that's a small! I'm excited about meeting Marni. I just hope we can arrange it, and I don't freak her out so she bails on me! :)

Miche said...

I'm not sure which I want more now... a trip to WDW or some of the gooey pizza!

Bridget said...

isn't that pizza the best?! We had it in chicago nearly a year and a half ago, ah, i miss it.
enjoy the trip and the pizza!

Marni said...

I am ready for the trip and meeting you! I CANNOT WAIT!

liz said...

Jealous, jealous, JEALOUS.

Karyn said...

Beyond jealous.
And a little jealous too.
And did I mention... jealous?

Have fun, lovey. Take loads of pics... and gloat aplenty when you get back!

Beth said...

Damn; I want a slice. That photo is to die for!!!

Have fun with Marni at the meet-up. She's a doll; you'll love her.

Mixter said...

I have this sudden craving for pizza... How could that have happened?

There's one in Chicago, eh? Only an hour and a half drive from here. I could make it there by dinner! Yum.

Enjoy the trip, the pizza and the meetup!


La Reina said...

Back when I was in high school and college, almost every time I visited my sister in Chicago we'd get Giordano's spinach stuffed pizza at the Giordano's that was at N. Clark Street and North Avenue. At the time, there were no Giordano's here in my town, so I tested and tweaked some pizza recipes and came up with my own.

My one quibble with Giordano's is the top crust is never thoroughly baked. I don't like eating raw dough. So when I make my own spinach stuffed pizza I always bake it longer.

Best part? My homemade pizza is awesome. (Haven't made it in a long time, though, since my oven was out of commission...but now that I have a new oven, come fall I'll have to bake a stuffed pizza!)

La Reina,
will share the recipe, upon request