Friday, January 19, 2007

Gift Exchange Wonderful-ness: Outgoing

Sorry I'm a bit late posting my gift contents. Blogger was acting persnickety last night, and I had no time nor opportunity to post then.

At any rate, last year, I participated in a holiday gift exchange that was arranged by Andrea, and I had SO much fun that I couldn't wait to participate again. Imagine my glee when my email with my giftee's name arrived, and it was CCW! CCW and I have determined that we share so many commonalities, that we are actually the *same* person. Of course, she's the skinny and pretty version, while I am the tall and craft-loving version. During recent telephone conversations, we have also determined that we are married to the same man. But, I digress.

I had discovered through my surfing at CCW's all about her faves, and likes and dislikes. I had always figured on making a scrapbook-y type item for my giftee, since Sue liked hers so much last year, but since I knew CCW a little better than the lion's share of the other participants, I was really able to tailor the scrapbook to her family. I added anecdotes that CCW had told me about the family members, making sure that I added a TtFTE page especially for Not-So-Baby-H.

I do have a tale to tell about the black fuzzy socks -- CCW has already shouted to the whole of the internets (*thanks a lot, buddy!*) that said socks were purloined, not purchased. Unfortunately, she's right. I had a number of things in my buggy at the craft emporium where I got said "liberated" socks, and they somehow got snagged between two other items, and didn't end up getting paid for. I didn't discover this until the next day, when I was totalling up what I'd spent to make sure I stayed within the $25 dollar limit, and was confronted with the fact that they were not listed on the receipt. They cost a dollar. Next time I go to the craft place, I'll have to hide a dollar in the sock basket. Ssssh!

So, here are some photos of CCW's gift in both construction and in packing. I had such a good time with making CCW's scrapbook and the cross-stitched brass ornament. I love crafty stuff, and I'm always pleased when someone likes what I've made for them. I was also happy to help foster her rather unhealthy obsession with lip gloss and chapstick. After all, at least Mr. MFBA will benefit from that, right? (Please pay VERY little attention to the fact that my craft room looks like a scrapbooking store threw up. I apparently have to have every sheet of paper I own and then some (none stolen, however) on the desk as I work. There is method to my madness. I think.)

I'm glad that CCW liked her gifts. I hope she was as pleased with the giving as I was with the constructing. Happy Gift Exchange, CCW!


ccw said...

I cannot thank you enough! As I said on the phone, if not for anti-dpressants I would have bawled my eyes out over your thoughtfulness.

As for the stolen socks, would you quit trying to act as if you "accidentally" took them. We all know you're a big thief; especially when it comes to high ticket items like $1 socks. :)

You are the tall version and I am the short version. I like to think that we are both beautiful. (Notice that I may be depressed but my ego is healthy)

I LOVE my package!! Thank you so much for being my friend!

Bridget said...

your package is so cool!! you rock Klee!

Grace said...

Very talented! I love to give gift baskets as gifts. Have seen the personalized gifts over at They have some great ideas too!