Friday, January 19, 2007

Gift Exchange Wonderful-ness: Incoming

My package for the Winter Holiday Gift Exchange arrived several days ahead of schedule, and I was so, so tempted to open it. This was *not* helped by Juggling Freak who encouraged me to open the gift and lie, saying I'd opened it on the correct day. I resisted the urge, barely. I will confess that I rushed right to Andrea's to see who "Amy" was once I got a look at the return address.

Amy is located at The Texture of Things, and is sure to become a new blog haunt of mine. I have to do some blog admin this weekend, and her link will be going up. I admit that I poked nosily around her place a little bit, wanting to know a little more about her. I learned that Amy is married with one daughter, and has a wickedly sharp sense of humor. I like her already.

Upon opening the box, the first thing I spied was a large plastic container. I opened the gaily-decorated bucket to find a large bag of cookies nestled within. They were oatmeal with (I think) butterscotch chips, and they were simply scrumptious. Unfortunately, the hordes descended like a plague of locusts, and we wiped those cookies out in record time. Yum! (I must beg Amy for the recipe. Pleasepleaseplease...)

Amy also discerned that I'm rather slavish in my devotion to the color blue and penguins, and I got an adorable penguin holiday pin to wear for next year's holiday season, and two lovely (and blue) towels featuring cuddly penguins. Damn the torpedoes, those are going bathroom all year round! Heck with ""penguins don't belong in a tropical clime!"

I don't think Amy had to struggle too hard to discover that I'm craft-mad. I got a penguin stamp, which I will try to work into just about every project I can (he's so cute!) and a holiday-themed candy border stamp. Amy knows me very well already. Or am I just that obvious? That would be a big righty-o!

Encased within colorful wrapping paper also rested a nice "The Fall of Fergal" notepad, which I both need and use copious amounts of; a lovely brass "teacher" bookmark; a CD of poetry (which I plan to peruse this weekend); and a packet of Roaring Radish seeds.

Thank you so much, Amy! I enjoyed all the gifts very much, and I'm sorry that it took me a bit to post! I didn't want you thinking that I didn't like and appreciate my package -- I did, very much. Thank you for participating in the exchange, and for making my holiday that much more special. I can't wait to get to know you a little more! I hope that you keep coming back here to visit, and that we become good bloggy friends. I hope your package arrives soon, and is as perfect for you as yours was for me. You deserve a great gift!


amy said...

I'm so happy you enjoyed the goodies, and thank you kindly for the compliments. I am entirely glad I got involved in the gift exchange because I've become a regular reader here and at a couple other of the blogs involved in WHOYCBE 2006. Also? I CAN.NOT even tell you how hard it was to be reading all this time and not comment for fear of giving myself away.

Thank goodness that's over. :)

Karyn said...

I am loving the photos of your smily-crafty-cookie-making self! :) What a smile.

ccw said...

You look so happy eating those cookies. I must have that recipe, too.

Your package is great, glad you liked it!

purple_kangaroo said...

That sounds wonderful.