Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bullets of Blah

Today has been one of those blah kinds of days, so I have no energy to offer you anything more than mere bullets. Please accept my mediocre apology.

* Had a migraine at work today. I think it was brought on by the odor of a solvent that our custodians were using. I really feel for Sue, who seems like she has been dealing with migraines 24/7 lately. So much for that wonder drug they promised you, Sue. Hope you can find some relief soon.

* I have advanced to level 32 of weffriddles, which is a major feat for me, considering that I only allowed myself 30 minutes of solving time yesterday. I think Linda said it best: avoid this crack-like plague if at all possible. And, for what it's worth, I humbly apologize to anyone that I got hooked on it. I'm truly, deeply sorry.

* Watching Offspring play a video game with lots of action and moving around is not exactly helping the migraine. I'm just sayin'.

* Had a coworker ask me if I was losing weight today. No, and I don't think I have, but it's a damn sight better than them telling me how much weight I've packed on. What *is* it with people and the obvious lack of manners that they could just blurt out to someone, "Gosh -- you're gaining some of your weight back!" This has happened to Juggling Freak a few times recently, and it never fails to anger me on his behalf. It really burns my biscuits when fools can't keep their traps shut!

* Offspring got quite a lot of money for her birthday, so she took a large chunk of it and bought some of those Heelys that everyone in the tween set has been wearing. She has not had very much opportunity to roller skate before, so I was afraid that she was going to get discouraged quickly when she couldn't immediately do triple axels right off the bat. And, that she was going to have basically chucked her birthday money down a hole. Cause the Heelys weren't exactly cheap. To my surprise, however, she practiced with them almost every second of the day since she got them, and was fairly proficient in about three days. There have been the odd bumps, bruises, and selected wipeouts, but on the whole, I'm proud that she's kept with it. She would have slept with the blasted things on if I would have let her.

* Over at Andrea's, I made the very rash and hard-to-keep promise to cut back on my crass American consumerism. Among other things, I plan to NOT buy any more crafting supplies until the 10th of February. My goal is to use the more than copious supplies that I already have on hand, and not just fritter away money on stuff that will gather dust. Let's see if I'm able to keep that promise. On the positive side of things, I avoided the craft stores all weekend (even though there were SALES!) because I know how craven and weak I am.

* Speaking of Andrea, I just popped over to her place and saw that today is the day we FINALLY get to open our Winter Holiday exchange packages! Hooray! Heck with you guys -- I'm off to get goodies! I'll take lots of pics, and post the contents of my box tomorrow!


Marni said...

Both kids have Heelys and they LOVE them. They wear them to Walmart, the mall, my dad's... everywhere. Some people hate them and think kids that wear them are spoiled... but I think they are awesome! They definitely give the kiddos a workout.

Andrea said...

Ha, yes. It is hard, isn't it? But my wallet is enjoying the break.

Jeanne said...

Well, if you were that sorry you would not leave yet ANOTHER tempting link to that insane 'crack-like plague' for others to click on and fall prey to!

Hi. My name is Jeanne and I'm a Weffriddles addict. I'm only on level 8 though. I may have to find a way to pry the answers from you if I get stuck too long!

Sue said...

Thanks for the encouragment KLee. I see the doc tomorrow, so I'm hopeful that we can figure something out for the migraines. Ick.

I was really good on the no-spending thing for two weeks, then I bought a pair of winter boots on sale. The good news though, is that I haven't bought anything since then!

halloweenlover said...

I still can't believe people can be that rude. Outrageous.

Those heelys are EVERYWHERE! Good for Offspring!