Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Where Did My Blogroll Go?!?!

I know some of you have recently debated the killing off of the blogroll. Imagine my surprise today when I logged on to see that my blogroll has run off to Andrea's in order to lend emotional aid to *her* blogroll.

When I tried to log in to Blogrolling, I get a download error. So, it's obviously a blogrolling thing, not on my end. It seems that Phantom has lost her link list, too. Oh, well -- when it comes back up, there's some new links I need to add as well: About Miche, Eclectic Tales, Passion of the Dale, and Post Secret. These are some folks I've been reading lately who are new to me, and Post Secret is an obsession of mine.

Otherwise, what's happening to you fine people? I spent today playing with my new stamps! As soon as I get a quick minute, I will blog some crafts I've made lately with the new stamps.


Old Lady said...

You and me both-I've been mending people's clothes and digging through pictures!

Yankee, Transferred said...

I love the official seal.

Miche said...

Brilliant! Thank you! You're so sweet! (Don't mind me, a couple of weeks of my live just seemed to vanish before my very eyese!)