Friday, April 10, 2009

Still Here, Still Got Nothin' to Contribute

I am here, having driven five states away from home -- a round trip of 1300+ miles in three days. My daughter's Girl Scout troop went snow skiing, and I accompanied them as a driver/chaperone. It was a nice trip, but it was fast. And, I mean commando-raid style fast.

Offspring skiied for about 12 minutes all total, which cheesed me off quite a bit. Then, on our last day there, 5 separate people in our party got injured within the space of a half an hour, and I wasn't quite so cheesed off anymore. I was glad that Offspring hadn't taken to skiing and wasn't one of the ones who took a tumble. Still a mite peeved that we drove all that way, and paid about $300 for the trip all told for her NOT to ski, but since I had basically the same attitude (bust my butt in the freezing snow? No thank you!) at her age, I won't squawk too loudly.

We are on Spring Break, with only the weekend left to go. Boo! I need at least another week! :) Hope all is well with all of you!


ccw said...

I once went on a church ski trip in which I did not even attempt to ski. I sat inside with the lodge with my friend.

kathy a. said...

you are so very brave and awesome.

happy easter! hope the bunny is hopping in your neighborhood.

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