Friday, March 06, 2009

Woman On Fire

I know posting has been down to an all-time low here lately, and for that I'm sorry. I just don't how many ways I can say "I'm not dead yet, but I'm fresh out of blog fodder" without making your heads explode. I know *I'm* getting tired of hearing that, and it's my blog!

School has been a bug-bear. I seem to have the royal knack for pissing people off lately. There's a lot of pressure on teachers these days -- it seems like if we sneeze, we piss a parent or three off. I have a child who is a Jehovah's Witness, and while we don't want to offend the family, we DO still have to teach the child about holidays and the like. If for no other reason because we teach calendar skills, and if we ask what the holiday in March is, the answer would be St. Patrick's Day. That is not a deliberate slight to people who don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but we can't NOT teach that because one family doesn't approve. You know what I mean?

My new Girl Scout troop is going well -- there are 17 of them! I was worried that I wouldn't have enough to make up a troop (which is five) and here I am with one of the largest troops in our area! I'm liking it. Most of them seem very excited to be there, and they seem to be happy with all of the things we've done so far. I've got some not-so-attentive parents, but I chalk a lot of that up to the fact that I don't see them every meeting.

Juggling Freak's birthday is next week. I was torn with what to get him this year, and seriously considered a unicycle. He, understandably, wants to TRY OUT a unicycle first to make sure he doesn't kill himself on it. This sounds awfully cautious of him. This is also the man who wants to flamethrower our big oak tree in the backyard because it sheds bushels of leaves no matter WHAT season it happens to be. This is also the man who got on a wild hair at a woodpecker who was pecking our house, and would have killed it, had we actual firearms in the house and not just a black powder replica. Now, I freely admit that by the end of that particular situation, I would have gleefully killed that woodpecker myself for pecking my bedroom eaves at seven in the damn morning every Saturday. Instead, we tried all the things the avian vets recommended: nasty-tasting sprays, decoy birds, changing the wood out. None of that worked. JF finally paintball-gunned it away. I hope he didn't kill the bird, but I also hope he's too scared to ever come back.

Offspring is tempermental. It's the age. Half the time, she pretends we're not there, and when she's forced to actually --UGH -- *interact* with us, she does a lot of eye-rolling and grunting. Then when she wants something, I hear "Mommy...." She hasn't called me Mommy since she was about seven. Not unless she's angling for something. We've actually all been sick, and she's been more lovey since being sick. I think we all sort of revert to childhood when we feel unwell, and she's holding true to that.

Speaking of sick, we've all been passing around a virus of some sort within our family. I have spent most of this week with sinus congestion of massive proportions, so much so that I had supressed hearing in one ear due to cloggage on Wednesday. My throat has been so raw that I have honestly LOOKED FORWARD to taking NyQuil just for the numbing effect. I took Mucinex, which tastes like bug spray, just to get some relief. This illness, whatever it is, has kicked our collective asses in a MAJOR way this week. My throat is no longer on fire, but JF has been stumbling around with fevers of 102 and 103. Not good in adults. I'm surprised he's been able to function. I know I got all muzzy-headed, and I wasn't battling fever, just congestion.

So, that's all I got. Not much. Still alive, though not really feeling like "alive" fits after this week. Just surviving.


kathy a. said...

whaddaya mean, you're out of fodder? oy, about the bug. and about the teenishness.

yay about the troop of little GS's!

what can you do; sometimes parents will have a little issue about this or that, but learning calendar and holidays and respecting one another's traditions is good. my kids grew up celebrating everything at school: chinese new year, the japanese cherry blossom festival, persian new year, holidays from india to africa -- their school stressed appreciating different cultures. in the case of st. paddy's day, one wears a little green and that's about it; a much less stressful holiday than, say, valentine's day. hope the parents come around.

happy BD to JF! even if you do get him a unicycle [after test drives], i wouldn't go so far as to accessorize with a flamethrower.

ShortyMom said...

I don't think pleasing parents is going to get any easier. My youngest son took a field trip to a science museum Friday, a trip that 5 hours drive time both ways. One parent called the school nurse on Thursday to see if her sick kid would be well enough to make the trip. When asked if the kid was still running a fever or had been the answer? Yes! And mom still felt the child should be able to make the trip! I'm sorry the kid was sick and couldn't make such a big trip but is it fair to expose the rest of the third grade class on such a long trip?

Hope your family gets well soon and that your husband has a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Um. Be careful w/ the unicycle/paintballing/102 degree fever. THAT sounds like a bad combo!! Heehee

My 11 yo neice handles the unicycle very well. I think it would be great for JF, obviously, since he juggles, he has a sense of balance.

GS troop is great!! Please, please, don't let the parents take advantage of you. Let the council help you (esp since you are the biggest troop!)-- they know of some junior/cadettes that need their hours to help you!! BTW-- how are GS cookie sales going??

Teenage years. 15 yo wanted to go to a baseball game unsupervised with a girl that got caught at a boys house alone. She cried and told me that I didn't think her responsible, and she didn't believe whomever told me that the girl was alone w/ a boy etc. She cried great big crocidile (sp) tears. Which she has cried when she was 3 yo and wanted to get her way. I never backed down. But it was soo sooo ssoooo hard for me not to. Verrrrry hard. I felt like my world was coming to an end w/ her. I felt like I was going to lose the very best friend in the world.

She has never mentioned it since then. I don't know if me being a rock told her "I'm not putting up w/ your s*it" or what. I just hope she doesn't go off w/ this girl on the sly. You know, the rebel, "I'm not supposed to do this, b/c my Momma doesn't approve" of this girl, so I'm hanging out w/ her!

oh doodoo- sorry took up your comments, but teenagers!!! whew!! You haven't seen all of it yet honey!! Tina

ccw said...

There's always something to blog about even if it is mundane. Hell, I spent nearly a week on the dog.

I'm surprised that you can't teach teach the holidays and have the child leave the room? if the parents truly object. I honestly can't imagine not wanting my kids to learn about all the different holidays be they religious or simply leprechauns.

17? I would have a nervous breakdown. I only have 7 but then again I have cadettes. I would love you to come lead them because I really don't know what I am doing but we are doing so I guess that is all that matters.

Love the unicycle idea. That is a very unique gift.

I hope that everyone gets better and stays that way. Our virus passing seems to have ended after two weeks. (knock on wood)

kathy a. said...

i totally missed that you have 17 little pumpkins in the GS troop! wow, that's a lot!!

i also don't know the GS heirarchy, but have recently gotten clues that some [young adult now] girls i know may still have some involvement. enlisting older GS girls for help sounds good!