Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is That Ethical?

I had to stay late after school today to attend an Ethics Seminar. Now, being educators, we have to adhere to certain rules about revealing/not revealing student information, and we are obligated BY LAW to report suspected abuse. These were things I already knew. Imagine our surprise when the presenters started putting up Power Point slides of things that have actually happened (either in our state or our district) as a "What NOT to Do" sort of lesson.

Apparently, it is unethical to:

*...have a Blood Alcohol Level of .314 while at work.

*...say you are doing a jewelry fundraiser for the school, but keep the money for yourself.

*...invite students to disrobe at the hotel pool while on a school trip.

*...quit in the middle of the day, leaving your keys and resignation letter taped to your classroom door.

*...refuse to come to work because you are in jail.

*... call a student and her mother derogatory names.

* cocktails for students at the neighborhood bar-n-grill, even if it is after-hours.

Now, who in their right mind could have EVER thought any of this was a good idea? People, get a grip on reality!


Jenevieve said...

Hmmm, Many a time has a teacher ought me drinks. Though I suppose it wasn't in grade school...

Miche said...

"*...refuse to come to work because you are in jail."

Umm... how do they propose you resolve this one? Break out of jail?

liz said...

Miche, you took the words outta my mouth.

Songbird said...


ccw said...

I think #5 seems like a "what to do" unless they plan to post bail for you.

#1 is too much! That is is nearly 4x the legal limit in Ohio. How could you even stand up at .314? Let alone get dressed for work, drive to work, and attempt to teach a class.

#7 always amazes me how many teachers do this kind of shit. I understand wanting you students to like you but drinking, attending parties, or having sex seems like an obvious no brainer. Why do these teachers want to be that cool?

If you should ever do any of these things I will drive to Humid as Hell city, bring you pralines, post your bail, and sit by your side through it all. I'll need to practice on going pantless. :)