Sunday, November 23, 2008

In Which I Am A Twittery Teenage Girl

My friend (I'll call her "Small, But Sassy") and I have both long been sucked into the world of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight." I had read books one and two back in the early summer, and had loaned them to S,BS shortly after. We were both hooked but good.

We both loved the storylines and characters, and quickly read and reread books one through three. (S,BS has read book four, which I have not yet done, but she plans to let me borrow her copy tomorrow.) So, when we heard a movie was coming out, we flapped out hands, said "Ohmigawd!" about ten times, and made plans to go.

We went to an afternoon showing today, and mingled with the hordes of Goths who actually braved the sunlight enough to venture out of their dank cubbyholes. We felt a little weirded out that we were probably the oldest people in the theater, but we settled back with popcorn and Cherry Cokes to drool over watch Edward. And everyone else.

I'd seen a lot of reviews that stated that the effects were not all that good, and the cast was full of "nobodies." S,BS and I both enjoyed it, and we plan to stay up late and talk about it on the phone while we paint our nails and trash what everyone in school is wearing. And then we'll look forward to the sequels we're sure are to follow.


liz said...

I hate waiting to see it, but am doing so.


I'm glad you had a good time!!!

APL said...

Hullo? Cedric Diggory is NOT a "nobody!" I swear, those reviewers... Pshawh...

Marni said...

I'm taking Bug tomorrow and CANNOT wait! I haven't read book 4 yet... will probably pick it up at the mall before the movie.

I'm all jittery just thinking about it.

amy said...

Jeez, I haven't read any of them, and now I feel like a real loser - how will I ever get a date to prom now?

Srsly, should I read them?

liz said...

Amy, you should definitely read them. Good stuff.

When you're done, pick up Robin McKinley's Sunshine.

KLee said...

Liz, sorry you're having to wait. I thought I was showing GREAT restraint by waiting until Sunday of the weekend it opened. :)

APL -- I hear you! Incidentally, one of the fan-made shirts at the Twilight/CafePress store says "Team Cedward" and another says something to the tune of "So, killing a wizard turns him into a totally hot vampire? Good plan, Voldy." I snickered like a grade-schooler over that one.

Amy -- YES! Srsly. Read the books. I can't think why you'd be disappointed.

Marni -- Let me know if you and Bug like it. I couldn't get Offspring into the books or the movie, but I'm still working on her.:)

ccw said...

Teen L and I have both read all 4. Enjoyed them all but the first 2 re my favorites.

My best friend and I went to see the movie. We were as excited as the tweens/teens there. We both really enjoyed the movie with only a few minor and one major (HELLO - light up like a fireball in the sun already). Now, I have to take Teen L and I certainly don't mind seeing it again.