Monday, October 27, 2008

Is Anyone Out There?

For the last few days, Blogrolling has been acting very wonky. The first I noticed of said wonkitude was when I went to go look through my blogroll, and the blogroll was just gone. I went over to Blogrolling to see if I could just capture my code and repaste it into my template, but the entire site was down.

That's not a good omen.

So, for the last five or so days, Blogrolling hasn't been informing me of anyone who has updated. I have to click through to find out myself. And now I'm curious to know if maybe it's preventing anyone from seeing my last post. No one has commented on it. Not that it was such riveting fare that you were all falling all over yourselves to comment, but usually there's at least a Japanese spammer who chimes in.

I've decided I hate Blogrolling. I guess I should switch to HaloScan or something else.

Not much is happening here. Just trying to stay sane, though that's not really working either. I've finished Offspring's Halloween costume, for the most part, and now all I have to do is get my crafting stuff together. Christmas is coming up pretty fast, and I have very little done for that. Again. I feel like I need a week off. Or three.


Miche said...

Three weeks off sounds lovely. Where do I sign up?

Jenevieve said...

Ooh, I didn't see your last post! Three weeks sounds just about right to e, too. What's Offspring going to be for Halloween?

ccw said...

(Waving emphatically) Can I have 3 weeks, too?

I tried using the RSS feeds but quit and am back to manually checking blogs for updates. I probably need a better way, too.

liz said...

Me too, me too!!!

I heard that your state has had record turnout for early voting. Woot!

kathy a. said...

a week or 3 off sounds very good.

Songbird said...

I think Blogrolling is just making itself better, so don't give up the ship.