Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Ever-Popular Bullets of Randomness

Sorry for the long silence. It's been a busy and not-so-glorious last few weeks.

* Thanks to everyone who contacted me regarding my last post. I really appreciate all of your kind words and thoughts. To be honest, I wasn't seeking approval and compliments with that, it was just something that was really bothering me, and I felt like maybe I could write all the pain out of me if I tried hard enough. Didn't work, but I did feel better enough to finally go to sleep. It was a very disheartening evening for me, and those of you who mailed and called really helped me work through the funk.

* Both my show and school are over. (Thanks be to all benevolent forces out there.) Last show was June 8th, and last day of school was yesterday, June 13th. I just have to get all my crap moved to the new classroom and fill out some last minute paperwork, and I'm clear.

* Got Offspring off this weekend for a Girl Scout Field trip. It's weird not having her in the house. Sat on the couch, watching "Juno" with Juggling Freak, and then went and spent lots of money at the grocery store.

* I also signed up for Facebook, and have been busy playing all the neat little game widgets there.

* Made 14 stationery sets for people at school, and a scrapbook. Now, I need to make three or four greeting cards, and I think I'm good for a bit.

What's all up with you?


kathy a. said...

glad things are a bit better, and that you are officially in summer!

ccw said...

Yeah for school finally being over! I know you'll be thrilled when you are officially finished this week. Please tell your superintendent that he is a dipshit for making the school year drag so far into June.

If you like, I can send you some or all of my kids to make up for the quiet.

Karyn said...


Karyn said...

Ok, per the Hurt post -

I so totally get it.


I have taken to bed during such moments. There are glimpses of the me inside the heavily upholstered shell and I think I look pretty, I look okay, for a minute or two... then something (ie: a photo, a surprisingly located full length mirror) crops up and hits me over the head with reality and it's under the blanket for me.

It's hard.

I hear you.