Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Bit Problematic

Our school was on the last tax referendum to get a new wing. We've all been very excited at the prospect of moving out of our dinky trailers and into real! actual! classrooms! Even though our building won't be ready until the 2010 - 2011 school year, the land has to be cleared and readied for construction. Next year will be the "clearing and readying the land" year. The *following* year will be the construction year. (Though why it takes two full years to clear the land and construct a building, I'll never know. After all, it is the government. I suppose I should have expected that.) Which, as far as we're concerned, means that as many people as possible had to be housed inside the main school building for this coming school year. So, the great classroom shuffle has begun.

We're moving from our teeny little double-wide trailer (actually only ONE-HALF of a dinky little double-wide trailer) to this humongous (former second-grade) classroom. The only problem is that the powers that be scheduled the floors to be cleaned and waxed. That means that all the furniture has to be placed on the one small carpeted area. Normally, this wouldn't present a problem, but it means that the former teacher who occupied that room has yet to move all of her furniture out, because the room that she's moving to has yet to have the floors done. That in turn means that we can't move our stuff in because her stuff is still taking up most of the space. And the trash left on the floor! Oooh, we won't even go into that.

But, for now, it looks like I'm going to be next door to a teacher that I've grown fairly close to over this year. Hope things stay that way, and that there are no further upheavals in my schedule.


liz said...

Sounds like gummint bureaucracy working as well as usual.

I'm so glad you'll be indoors and next to a teacher you like!!!

Karyn said...

I'm glad for you - I think it is disgraceful that teachers are trying to do their very necessary jobs in subpar conditions with such little support. <3 Hoping it all goes well and that through some governmental glitch, things happen quickly. ;-)

ccw said...

That is a slow process. When Kid L's old elementary school was ready to be rebuilt an entire new school was built behind it during the school year. The demo of the old school and pavement of the new parking lot was done over the summer.

I hope things move more smoothly once all of the furniture can be moved. And yeah for being next to a teacher that you like!

kathy a. said...

yay for a real classroom! and a good neighbor!

they started rebuilding our local high school 3 years ago. it was scheduled to take 2 years. it finally looks like it might be done for fall.