Monday, February 11, 2008

Paitence Is A Virtue

...and one I do not possess. I've always had a hard time waiting for things, especially for *good* things coming my way. Christmas was always hard for me as a child because I simply! could! not! wait! I learned that Juggling Freak was even more impatient than I as a child -- he was one of those super sneaky kids who would unwrap all his gifts before Christmas, look them over, and rewrap them! And his mother, bless her heart, never had a clue. My own mother was far too wily for that one. I would have been lucky not to get my butt blistered if I had tried that trick!

What's making me anxious these days? I had an audition this weekend. It's for a musical with one of the local community theaters, and I'm not being very patient, waiting for casting news. I have been wanting to get back into theater for a while, and now that Offspring is older, I can. I'm no longer so overbooked with Girl Scout functions, and I have some time to devote to another passion.

The director has some more auditions this coming weekend, but has promised that we should have emails, letting us know who made the cut by 11pm on Saturday evening. I REALLY want a part. (I want a specific part, but I'd be happy with anything at this point.) There were nine women that audition for three parts, so I know that some people are going to walk away disappointed. I just hope that I'm not one of them.


kathy a. said...

crossing fingers!

ccw said...

Sending good thoughts your way!

Would you like to take over my GS duties? Cookies come in this weekend.

Miche said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Break-a-leg, as it were! Can't wait to hear the good news on Sunday!

Can't wait to live theatre [no, that's not a typo] vicariously through you!

amy said...

OMG, is it Saturday yet?

KLee said...

Amy, no! And it's killing me!!!

And what about YOUR big news?!? Hooray!

Anonymous said...

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