Saturday, February 23, 2008

Juvenile Humor Alert

Offspring was busy doing a Mythology crossword puzzle for a homework assignment. She sat on the couch muttering to herself and checking facts in her Mythology book. The following conversation ensued:

Offspring: "Dad, who was the second husband of Mother Earth?"

Juggling Freak: "Dunno. Maybe Cronus?"

KLee: (playing solitaire on the computer and throwing in a comment wildly) "Cronus! The Master of all Time!"

(We frequently pepper our conversations with snatches of "Simpsons", "Futurama", or "The Tick" dialogue. Pay us no heed.)

Offspring: "Well, the book says that Uranus was her *first* husband, but it doesn't say anything about her second.... I don't think that "Uranus" is the right answer."

KLee: "Well, see if Uranus fits!" (Meaning, see if it fits into the crossword puzzle.)

Juggling Freak: " shoulda heard what you just said!"

Yes, we're all fart-joke making middle-schoolers at heart.

Afterward, Offspring says, "Yeah! Uranus *does* fit! Wait. That still sounds so wrong."

Juggling Freak: "Yeah, but pronouncing it "Ur-uh-nus" doesn't make it any better, now does it?"


jugglingfreak said...

Actually, "Cronus! The Master of all Time!" was a "Johnny Bravo" reference..

Just sayin'

KLee said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah....

ccw said...


liz said...

You all have been monitoring the culture.

Ashlee said...

Ah...mythology. I remember not liking that stuff. But at least you were able to get a nice humorous twist out of all of it!:0)

THanks for leaving me a note! Come back and see me again!

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

LOL literally!