Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

It is now officially December, and I will readily admit that this is my very favorite part of the year. I love the festive atmosphere of the holidays, and all of the things we do together as a family. Some (though not all, by any means) people tend to be nicer to deal with during the holidays, and have a cheerier outlook. Juggling Freak *absolutely refuses* to put the tree up before December 1st, but once that first day rolls around, I can usually cajole him out of his curmudgeonly anti-Christmas mood.

I love to sit in our darkened living room and just bask in the glow of the lighted Christmas tree. The lights twinkling merrily just give me a feeling of calm and happiness. The house is warm, and smelling of good things to eat; my family is tucked into their beds, and my cat dozes contentedly on the bright quilt laid over the sofa.

I got up this morning to clean out the corner area where our tree will go. We'll put up the tree tomorrow, carefully hanging our favorite ornaments in places of pride upon its' green boughs. JF will put the tree together, and string the lights. Offspring will find all those infinitely precious things she made in kindergarten and first grade, making sure they're on the front of the tree, where we can see them at once. I will find all the penguin ornaments, and my favorite brass Queen Elizabeth I, and find them their own special areas. We'll joke as we work, maybe even playing Christmas carols if I can convince Juggling Freak to overcome his aversion to them. Maybe we'll play a Christmas-themed movie on the TV as we work. Afterward, we'll place the presents that are already purchased and wrapped under the tree, on top of the felt penguin tree skirt I made a few years ago and step back to admire our handiwork.


ccw said...

I started decorating right after Thanksgiving but have not tackled anything that Nonami can reach aside from my giant nutcracker. He is under the impression that it is his new friend and has been playing with it nonstop. I fear he will topple the tree.

I refuse to think about my village; between the cats playing giant in the city, NSBH rearranging, and Nonami just grabbing at anything he can. Maybe there will be no village.

Have fun getting ready for the holidays!

amy said...

I love this time of year.

Marni said...

I love this time of year, too. Once the Christmas tree is up I find myself smiling a lot. The site of it just makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting me more into the Christmas spirit. I really needed that uplifting blog to push me along and decorate!!! Thanks, T