Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Need to Get Me Some Of That!

While working on a craft project the other night, I had the TV on as background noise. I wasn't really paying attention to it, but my brain halfway registered something odd, and I had to grab the TV remote to backtrack to make sure that I'd heard what I thought I'd heard.

Seems that there's this drug out there for Restless Legs Syndrome (trade name M!rapex) that is getting heavy rotation during late evening broadcasts. The commercial touts this "wonder drug" as THE thing that will help RLS sufferers, but there are a few weensy drawbacks. You can become drowsy when taking it, and even experience dizziness and fainting when standing too quickly. Some patients experience nausea. But the symptoms to watch out for are the increased gambling and sexual urges.


You know how some of those erectile dysfunction medication commercials mention "certain sexual side effects" yet never mention what exactly those side effects are?

So, if you take this drug, don't head for Vegas. That might be a bad choice.


ccw said...

I love the drug commercials. Kid L was completely baffled by the Cialis one because of the field and the bathtubs.

One could really run up a bill with call girls/men and gambling in Vegas.

liz said...


Quinn said...

I think Spouse is going to want to write me a scrip for this drug. He'd like the side effects... make me less stick-in-the-muddish on vacations.

Marni said...

I heard that, too and died laughing. How can a drug give you increased GAMBLING urges?!!!

Karyn said...

Wait - this increases your sexual and gambling urges? Shit - I'll break out a pack of cards and bet sexual favors instead of actual money.

Well... I mean... ahem. You know, if Clooney's in town.

amy said...

All right, karyn cracked me up.

I've kind of gotten past the shock of prescription drug ads. I'm at the point now where I just enjoy the names. Having the job of making up drug names must be the 21st century version of making up lipstick names, ya know?