Thursday, August 16, 2007

Leave Me Alone, I'm Making Christmas Cards

Before you go spiking my drinks with Happy Pills, lemmee 'splain. As if meeting with Liz on Tuesday wasn't fabulous enough, I arrived home late that afternoon to a UPS delivery -- a box of stamping/scrapbooking supplies that weighed 13 pounds.

Why am I getting packages that weigh as much as a baby, you ask? Well, thank you for your query. I am BORED. I know, I know. I bitch all year long about how I can't *wait* for summer vacation, and now I'm bored?!?

You see, typically I would already be back at work. Our school system shuffled their calendar this year, and we don't go back for another 10 days or so. Students join us after Labor Day. It's supposed to be a cost-cutting, heat-related effort. So instead of frying eggs on the sidewalk in early August (when we normally go back), we'll save that for the first two weeks of June when we'd normally be out of school already.

At any rate, not so long ago, the company that I buy rubber stamps from (and sell, too, if anyone's curious) came out with a spiffy new catalogue, and I just HAD to have quite a bit of the new pretties. I got 10 new stamp sets, some colored cardstock, and some inks. So, I'm sitting here at 11:30 at night, getting a jump on the Christmas cards. And other stuff, too, but I can always use a premade Christmas card... Actually, it's really an excuse to play with my new stuff.

Those of you who've been deluded enough to actually give me your addresses may find your mailboxes overflowing with homemade cards soon. If you were smart, you might think about moving.


Marni said...

Oooh, fun! Do you have my address?

KLee said...

Yes, Marni, you're on my list. :) That sounds awfully ominous, doesn't it? :)

ccw said...

Don't let me interfere, I love the cards I get from you.

You will also be getting a handmade card but it will have been made by someone else's hands. :)

Miche said...

Ooohhh... can't wait to see what you come up with! (You'll be posting your creations, right?)

You're so organized!

Jenevieve said...

Ooh! I want a pretty card! Add me to the list!

liz said...

I love the card you made for me! I've already shown it off to folks.