Thursday, August 02, 2007

Head 'Em Up, and Move 'Em Out

We are off to North Carolina. Blogging will be sporadic while we're away. I'll be taking the laptop, but I don't really anticipating using it much.

Going to see my grandmother, father, and brother on the way through to NC. And maybe an aunt and cousin or two. Maybe. If time permits.

Miss you guys, and I'll have pictures when I get back!


UPDATE: made it to Asheville with no injuries but copious amounts of our ears just popping away. Spent yesterday in CityOfMyBirth visiting with my father and grandmother. Made a detour today to a "nearby" community to visit my brother. It's the first time that I've been to the city where he lives now. Had lunch with Little Brother and his new girlfriend, who is very nice and personable. Saw his house, and met his dogs. Had a nice time.

The ride from Little Brother's Town to Asheville was culture shock for us flatlanders. Moving into mountainous territory, and passing a break in the trees, we saw a black bear! Offspring about wet her pants. Mountains and bears! We don't have anything cool like that back home! It's all marshes and frickin' pine trees back home. Blah.

We're going to a nice German restaurant tonight (schnitzel -- yum!) and then to the Biltmore in the morning.

Miss you all, and will see you when we return!


ccw said...

Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

coffeypot said...

Have a wonderful trip and tell everyone I said Hello. Y'all drive careful now, ya hear?

amy said...

Relax! Enjoy! Right Now! Hurry!

oh, and be safe.

Miche said...

Mmmm.... I love North Carolina!

Safe trip and hope you squeeze in some R&R!

Quinn said...

Ditt miche. We were there last month and it was splendiferous. Have a wonderful trip!

Jenevieve said...

Have fun! If you drive near Asheville/Brevard, wave vaguely to say hello to Matt's grandparents!