Friday, July 27, 2007

Groovin' to the 80s Tunes and Freaking Out the Cat

Some of you may have already discovered the greatness that is Pandora. I know I heard about it from one of you blog friends or another, and it is. absolutely. rockin'! I started my channel a few months ago, but have been tinkering with the song bookmark for the better part of three days. If anyone wants to see my personal profile, you can see it here. (Don't laugh at my choice of music -- I have been finding all those songs from the 80s that I loved.)

You can tell that I'm a creature of the New Wave generation... my bookmarks include not only my favorites Marillion and U2, but also blasts from the (80s) past like a-ha, Howard Jones, Everything But the Girl, Yaz, Tears for Fears, Go West, Pet Shop Boys, Level 42, Pseudo Echo, Arcadia, Wham, ABC, the Hooters, Mr. Mister, and Paul Young. And lots more that I plan on adding.

The *best* thing about Pandora, though -- is if you don't like my station, create your own!

UPDATED: I think I've fixed the broken link, and I changed the profile page to be viewable now. Sorry! Thanks for pointing that out, Coffeypot!


ccw said...

I love Pandora! Although, I admit that since I got my iHome I don't use it as much.

coffeypot said...

When I clicked on Pandora I got an error message saying the site cannot be found and when I clicked on you "me" to see your profile it says it is personal and cannot be seen by others. Oh well! I tried.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Ooooo, Everything But the Girl! Have you followed them into the beat-box era? I read somewhere that Tracey Thorne is about to release her first solo album after taking time out to have kids!

Anne Glamore said...

I dig Howard Jones. AND I have the EBTG from back in the early 80's. LOVE.

KLee said...

Phantom, I have not heard much of their new stuff, but I must remember to add Tracey Thorne to my bookmarks. I love her voice. Her voice and Alison Moyet's both have a very haunting quality about them.

anne, I actually saw Howard Jones in concert back in the day. He was GREAT! I still have all those vinyl records (his included) in my all purpose room. Unfortunately, my turntable no longer works. I really need to get this:

Then, I can convert all my old vinyl to MP3. My birthday's coming up -- anyone feel especially generous? :)

Magpie said...

Pandora is so great. Weirdly so, but great.