Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm No Longer Sick, But I Sure Am Tired

There's no time for lazing in a sick bed when it's Girl Scout Cookie time. People ain't kidding around about this -- I've had people stopping me in the street, wanting to buy cookies!

So, we had our cookie pickup at the warehouse on Saturday morning, and then I had my troop distribution later that same day. One cookie booth sale yesterday afternoon saw us selling 146 boxes, and one booth sale today garnered us another 87 boxes in sales. I've been schlepping cookies all weekend, and I'm tired. My feet hurt, and I need another day off to recuperate from my long weekend.

In yet another instance where I've determined that CCW and I share the same brain, I discovered that I woefully underordered. Demands for certain types of cookies fluctuates from year to year, and I never know whether what sold like gangbusters last year will sell as well this year. There are some constants -- we always know to orders lots of Thin Mints and lots of Trefoils (shortbread.) Those always sell. Some of the others are a little more problematical. Last year, I sold virtually no Do-Si-Dos (peanut butter/oatmeal sandwich) and this year, I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for them. So, I have my reorder in, and was going around town this morning trying to beg, borrow, or buy a case of Thin Mints.

Some of you may remember that last year, I got rather lobsterfied at a cookie booth -- who knew you could fry so in the overcast February sun?!?! -- and I'm pleased to inform you that I did turn pink-cheeked, but not to the extent as last year, and at least it's on both sides of my face this year.

I'm taking the lazy way out and going to pick up subs for my family for dinner, and I'm calling it a night!


ccw said...

Are you living in Cookie Heaven? If we sold 146 boxes at our shop I would die. My goal is to hit 90.

I have to calculate before our booth. I really don't want to be short but I am scared that the troop will be stuck with the extras.

AAggghhh! Who knew Girl Scouting was not so simple?

amy said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend. This post reminds me that the cookies we bought from a neighbor girl should be arriving soon, and that makes me happy. Of course, my husband ordered them (I wasn't home when she came by) so that means no shortbread for me, only husband-approved varieties. /boo hoo hoo sob.

Knowing, though, that the trefoils are big sellers and are commonly stocked up on is reassuring. I may get some yet. I keep watching for the tables at my supermarkets, but I haven't seen any so far. I'll say a little prayer to the cookie gods tonight.

Miche said...

Mmmmm..... Girl Guide / Scout Cookies...

Yankee, Transferred said...

I love me some GS cookies!

KLee said...

Amy -- I'll be happy to send you a box or two if you can't ever find any in your area. We also have the "All Abouts" (or, in CCW's case, the "Thanks a Lot's") which are the shortbread with fudge on the back (flat) side. CCW discovered, much to her chagrin that her 9 month old *adores* them! :) Might be an idea for the tot! :)

And CCW -- no, it is NOT Cookie Heaven. It's Cookie Hades. Every year, I end up with cases and cases of temptation cluttering up my craft room. So, not only are they luring me with their siren's call, I can't even craft to keep my mind off them. I can't even pull my chair away from my desk in the craft room! Wah! Oooh, wait -- maybe I should save that for Wednesday Whine!

Yankee -- you got a local girl who can supply you some cookies? I've got plenty of unclaimed boxes! :)

Jenevieve said...

Man, you especially short ordered because I just realized (stupid, I know) that they DON't HAVE GS COOKIES HERE in Scotland.

I'm contemplating suicide. Especially since getting some from the states would make teir net cost about 45$ a box.


Karyn said...



Flippin' YUM.