Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the "Ugly"

Not very much to report from Casa KLee these days. We've settled into a "let's just get through the week without going on a tri-state killing spree" kind of mentality around here.

*I'm very proud to announce that Offspring won a second place ribbon in her school's Social Science Fair earlier this week. We're all very proud of her, and I hope she goes on to win many more awards.

*I woke up screaming last night from the worst kind of leg cramp that I've ever experienced. NOT something I wish to repeat. Ever. I was literally screaming in pain, tears flowing down my face. I ended up walking with a limp most of today. Have no idea whatsoever of what could've precipitated it. It was akin to what I imagine the sensation of being racked might have felt like.

*I wrote a poem recently. I say "recently" because I'm not sure WHEN exactly I happened to write it. I apparently woke up in the middle of the night not long ago and scrawled it on a paper plate, and then placed it on my trashcan lid beside the bed. Also, I am getting way more eccentric as I age. Leg pain, and now mysterious snippets of poetry littering my bedside.

*My daughter jokingly referred to me as "ugly" earlier this evening. I know she was only playing, but it was amazing how wounded I actually feel. Why? It's not like I haven't often been told how unattractive I am, and how I often casually say that about myself. I guess it's just that you get such unconditional love from your child in the younger years that it cuts to the quick when they realize that you aren't perfect. I know she didn't mean to hurt me -- she was actually only teasing me, but it was like a sword thrust to my heart. My baby is well and truly gone, and we are on the cusp of teenager-dom. I suppose I had better get used to it, as it's most likely *not* the last time I'll hear that one.

*Why is it that I *love* the rain at night when it's lulling me to sleep, but I curse it roundly when it does the same to my students in class? Nevermind the fact that when the classical music is playing, the lights are off, and the rain is softly shusshing outside, that I feel like a nap along with the children. Especially this week. Argh.


Jenevieve said...

Leg pain= bad news. It's probably just a calcium or potassium deficiency (very common in women), but it could be a sign of a serious problem. I say, get it checked out pronto.

...and there's your "stranger-over-the-internet" random medical advice for the day.

Miche said...

Congratulations Offspring! Supersmart, just like you're mom, I see!

Ergh on the leg pain. Hope it never comes back.

As for teenager-dom... no sage advice to offer. But you've got a lifetime supply of love and support over here!

ccw said...

Congrats to Offspring!

I'm sorry she hurt your feelings. I wish I could say it would be the last but I remember my teenage years and bite my tongue. Not the same but I think you're beautiful!

Ouch on the leg pain! Have you played Google, MD?

liz said...

What jenevieve said. And what ccw said.

You are truly beautiful, as your picture shows. Look at your lovely smile and your sweet nose and the way your eyes twinkle and your dimples! And your cute pixie haircut!

And your very smart near-teen daughter knows just what buttons to push.

Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh my. I'm thankful that I don't have to cope with almost-teenagers yet. I don't think I'm secure enough to laugh that off. I think I'd probably cry.

You *are* lovely, though. And I suspect your daughter will be the first to tell you so. Though maybe not for another ten years...

Yankee, Transferred said...
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Yankee, Transferred said...

OOOH, I'm sorry she called you ugly, and I'm sorry anyone has ever called you that. You are beautiful-look at that sweet profile and great smile!

Leg pain mostly just=leg pain, although if it persists I would get it checked out. Twice in my life I've awakened with leg cramps in my calf, so bad they had me screaming. They've never been anything that a banana wouldn't help. But I hate them. And I'm sorry.

Much love from here.

coffeypot said...

I love the sound of rain at night, too. It upsets me, though, that I can’t stay awake and enjoy it and sleep to the peaceful sound, too.

jo(e) said...

Ah, teenagers. You have my sympathy. Be sure to tell her how it made you feel.

My oldest son once said something teasing to me that hurt my feelings -- and I burst into tears and went into my room. He followed me a few minutes later, apologized, and never crossed that line again. I remember being glad that I had let him know it hurt ....

Any chance you are going to blog the snippet of poetry? Poems that come in the middle of the night are usually really cool.

DJ Andi said...

Second on the banana. I have woken up to cramps and usually in my calves but a banana a day let's me sleep all night. Potassium, try to get a little more, but I think it's bad if you over do it.

Congrats on the prize. That's exciting.