Saturday, September 09, 2006

Party Update, Now With More Mostly Naked Indian!

Before I took my self-imposed hiatus, I had mentioned my Mom's birthday party last week. Remember that it was a theme party? Mom had chosen a Cowboys and Indians theme, and had instructed us to come in costume, or face her wrath. Offspring and JF decided to cobble costumes together with items we already had here at the house, and went as Cowboys. Well, sort of. JF went as a federale, complete with huge Mickey Mouse sombrero. It was very easy to spot him from any place in the building. That hat has its own weather system.

Offspring was a cowgirl, and was over the moon because we had purchased her a denim skirt at El Diablo WalMarto that she pronounced as "swirly." She spent darn near every second of the evening twirling around the dance floor to watch the skirt flare out. That is, when my aunt wasn't teaching her how to shag.

The whole costume thing was problematic -- I decided to go as an Indian, since the other two members of my family were going as the cowboy contingent. I bought some dollar-table brown fabric and made myself a quick outfit, and beaded the hem. Not hard, but sort of time consuming. A lot of the partygoers chose not to wear costumes at all. Some of them that DID wear costumes went to extremes. My aunt (the one that was teaching Offspring to shag) decided that she didn't fit the mold as either a cowboy OR an Indian. She refused to let my mother pigeon-hole her that way. She told my cousin (we'll call my cousin Daisy Mae and my aunt, Auntie B) that she was going to go as one of those "saloon girls." Daisy Mae's pithy reply: "You mean a whore?" Auntie B's face brightened, "Yeah!" So, Auntie B arrives at the party in a screaming purple satin getup, complete with fishnet stockings. For a woman of about 65, she looked good. Odd, but good.

Another adventuresome soul out on the Fashion Edge was a young guy who came in a loincloth. I don't even KNOW this person, but my mother apparently does, as he was grinding his scantily-clad loins all over her on the dance floor. If nothing else about him, we can tell that Mostly Naked Indian Guy has a healthy self-image to parade himself around in nothing but a wide strip of cloth. But, I am only able to tell this because I am a discerning observer of people and all their quirks. The average layman can't do that. It takes a finely honed eye.

Many drinks were consumed, and my mother, self-named Princess Prairie Wind, had a great time dancing and reminscing with all of her friends and family. Three of her sisters and her one brother attended, and five nieces and their significant others (and in some cases, their children as well). My brother and my quasi-sister in law (he REALLY needs to propose!) made the party, and spent most of the time in the bar, swigging drinks and watching football. He even missed the embarrassing-but-necessary "family moment" to "We Are Family" where we all had a spotlight dance with Mom. Kodak moments, I tell ya.

And I have the blackmail photos to prove it!


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Let me be the first to thank you for posting the picture of Mostly Naked Indian Guy.

Bridget said...

egads- sounds like a fun party!

ccw said...

Looks like so much fun!

When I told my mom about the loincloth guy she laughed - at us! She couldn't believe we were saying eeww over your mom dancing with loin cloth guy. She was cheering your mom on. Needless to say, I am now terrified for her 60th birthday. :)

You all look great!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Excellent! What fun!

liz said...

Super fun! And I second APL's thanks.

Karyn said...

Aright, what does "Shag" mean where YOU come from? Round these here parts, it's used to refer to carpets, haircuts, sheepdogs and Austin Powers' preferred pastime.

That is one rockin' party. My mom got a similar one for her 50th but sans costume. I've been beating my head against a wall to come up with something new for 60, and I think you've put me onto something. Sweet!

Do you think Loincloth Man will be available?

(And as a quick but important PS: If I had to give myself an "Indian Name" you can bet your sweet ass it won't have the word "Wind" in it.)

molly said...

thanks for sharing the pics, looks like lots of fun. I too enjoyed loin cloth man. I think he should wear a loin cloth as often as possible as long as he doesn't have to worry about going to jail for it.

Old Lady said...

I hope the black mail pix are with Mr. Indian man.

halloweenlover said...

Sounds like a blast! That guy is too funny. I'm curious as to what Offspring said about him.

Jenevieve said...

Oh, how fun! Matt and I are learning the shag in our swing dance club here in edinburgh. Awesome in a silly-kinda-polka-ish way. Much better than the Balboa.