Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Raining Bullets!

And now for something completely bullets:

* My mother is celebrating her 60th birthday this weekend. I don't think my mother even knows what a blog is, but if she's somehow managed to find my blog: Mom -- Happy Birthday! I love you bunches!

A little you should know about my mom -- she's not your typical 60 year old. She rides a Harley. She asked me to buy her leather chaps one year for her birthday, so she could wear them while she rides. Do you all know how freaky-weird it is to try and buy leather chaps for your mother?!?!? Trust me. It's like living inside a Picasso painting. My mother likes to go get rip-snorting drunk on the weekends and sing karaoke. She's more a force of nature than the typical idea of a Mom. It's never dull with her around.

*Mom's having a theme birthday party this weekend. The theme is "Cowboys and Indians." Offspring and JF have elected to go as cowboys, and I'll be the Indian Contingent. I will have to get pictures. Not that we'll be home at a decent hour, but I figure if I get any good shots, I can post them eventually, whenever my contact-hangover goes away. Theme or not, Mom usually throws pretty good parties. There's always lots of noise around my mother. Granted, she's usually the one making all the noise, but that's really beside the point. It's lively, is what I'm saying.

*Since I posted the Praline Cookie recipe, one of the commenters suggested that we do a cookie swap. I like this idea. I suggested that if anyone really has the hots to organize this, they are quite welcome to do so. If not, I will be very glad to organize it. I am envisioning an exchange, much like Andrea's Winter Holiday Gift Extravaganza, but I was thinking that we might want to go with a time other than Christmas. That time of year is so packed already. Maybe right before, like around the time of the American Thanksgiving? In addition, I'll think up a questionnaire, so that participants can record likes and dislikes, and any allergies that might be a problem. If you are interested, drop me an email (, and I'll get a list of people wanting to take part together.

*We are getting lots of nasty weather from Ernesto, but I have hopes that nasty weather is the most that we'll see from him. Lots of rain, and a few gusts, but that's about the end of it. Just the way I like it. At least it'll cool off the heat wave. It was so hot today, the asphalt was bubbling as I left school.

*Offspring came home with a note from her teacher that she did so well in a class discussion the other day that he awarded her a no-homework pass. Yay, Offspring! Mr. Teacher also sent home a rather long letter to parents about teaching the children self-suffiency and the importance of goal-setting. His plan is that each student has to outline a goal that they want to attain this year, and then DO it, and provide proof along the way. For example, Student A wants to read 50 books during the year. Student A will keep a log of the books read, and will take Accelerated Reader tests on the books s/he reads (if there are tests available.) Student A will also hand in a report on his/her favorite book. Offspring came up with what I consider to be a pretty unique goal all on her own: she wants to build (and demonstrate to her class) a working scale model of a catapult. So, at some point, I'm sure you'll see pictures posted here.

*Why am I almost 36 years old, and still breaking out in pimples? Wasn't I promised that this would all end when I reached adulthood? Or is this going to be like the retirement age -- by the time I reach it, they keep pushing it further and further back? I don't like "them." "They" lie. These were also the people who swore that childbirth didn't hurt.

*I lost a student already. This sweet little girl was in my class for two weeks and then moved. I understand the need (on the one hand) for the parent to make sure the child gets as much out of her education as possible, but isn't that a LOT of paperwork? As sad as I am to see her go, she was a distraction. She was a hummer, meaning that she unconsciously hummed all. day. long! No matter how many times I told her to stop, she hummed. After like the fifth time in an hour one day, she looked me deep into the eyes and said, "I'm annoying." I did not disagree with her. I hope she does well at her new school, and I'm sorry I only had two weeks with her, humming and all.

*I hate washing dishes. Unfortunately, I have no dishwasher, and it's time for me to cook dinner, so I must go do this now. Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Karyn said...

Yeah, well, the mom thing. That does explain a lot. ;)

"They" suck! And they're in on The Little Man Theory. They lie. And if it helps you one iota, know that you are not the only one our age getting zits and wrinkles. Retirement. *snort* WHAT retirement? Good grief.

ccw said...

I hope you are able to get a dishwasher and central air soon!

Congrats to Offspring! She is an amazing girl.

Happy Birthday to your mom! She sounds like a hoot! You have to post pictures of her party.

molly said...

I'm glad you recovered from girl scout leader retreat. I've been getting my o'spring ready to start school on Tuesday. Happy B'day to your Mom, she sounds terrific. When my parents retired they moved to Las Vegas, joined the NRA and bought his and her guns and learned to shoot. I thought Harleys were next, but no. I told them to take the guns out of the house when I visited with the kids, cause kids can find anything, right?
As to skin problems, my skin didn't stop breaking out til menopause, and the upside to that is all my friend who had nice skin when they were young, and I had oily skin? Well now they have lots of wrinkles and I have hardly any, and no more breakouts either. It was almost worth the wait!
Cookies sound yummie, but I can't bake, I'm going to keep the recipe anyway. My daughter keeps trying to get me to make cookies with her, maybe I'll try it. Love, love, love pralines. Hope there's a dishwasher in your future, besides you...

Old Lady said...

I think we're related! I always wanted a motorcycle and may still get one. Ha!

There are alot of lies told about getting older. Skin does not clear up. I was looking forward to the same thing myself. I've always thought that "they" need a have a woman's clinic and go ahead and tell us about all the weird things that happen as we become older. Hair, just remember hair, will become the bane of your existence. Get A/C before the dishwasher.

Have fun and party down at mom's party!!!!