Friday, June 30, 2006

"This Sort of Thing *is* My Bag, Baby."

JF has the habit of scouring the internet for weird and amusing stories. He loves to pass these on to me, and pretty much everyone he knows as well. You know he's looking out for me when he comes home with lots of URL's written down on a sheet of paper. He came home the other day, and before he'd even shut the front door, he hands me a slip of paper and says, "You *have* to post this on your blog!"

"This" was a story about a judge who had been caught *during trials* using an enlarger pump under the bench. I'm at a loss to fathom in what universe the judge thought he could get away with it. Plus, the next time I'm called for jury duty, I'll have a hard time keeping a straight face while I look at the judge. I'll be straining my ears for the "foooot foooot foooot" sound from the area of the bench.

Another site my husband dearly loves is this one. Why he finds it hilarious, I'll never know, but he has the whole family walking around singing the catchy tune. And since it's World Cup time, he found the companion piece here and we've been walking around singing "footy, footy, footy -- England, England!" as well. I think he's most especially intrigued by the idea that the English Channel is populated by "ninjas, lasers, and gold."

Another site that he wants to send all you Star Wars lovers to is this one. Click on the main image and read each episode description located on the left hand side. Where he finds this stuff, I have no idea. It kinda disturbs me. My husband, that is. Although, I do spare a moment's worry about people who get very distressed when a Star Wars flick doesn't feature a few mutilations.

JF is also a HUGE fan of "Futurama", and was very pleased to hear that the show will be returning to the air. It will more than likely take about two years to produce new episodes, but in the meantime, he wants to follow in this fan's footsteps, and create a Halloween costume to be proud of. Scroll down so you may also partake of its awesomeness.

If nothing else, at least I can always count on him when I'm a little light in the content area. He'll always provide interesting links.


Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

OH MY GOD. I'm on some weird wavelength with you & JF today. A colleague today just told me about that judge. We were both wondering, "OK, we're attorneys. Suppose we're in front of a judge and we suspect that he's ... you know. What the FRICK would you say? Is there anything you COULD say?"

"Um, Judge Smith? Are you ... uh, banging the gavel?"

Angry Pregnant Lawyer said...

Oh, and NSAH and I watch Futurama every night on Adult Swim. I really hope it does come back.

KLee said...

APL -- you know -- it really blew me away (no pun intended) when I read it. I was all aghast -- one other article I read talked about how the judge was um...inflating himself.. during the testimony of a woman whose son had been killed! How wrong is that?

And his clerk?!? That poor woman! She not only had to hear the noises, knowing what was going on, but also had to see him utilizing the pump, and witness his nether bits as well! Then, to top that indignity -- she sees him shave his privates during a trial! She even says she caught the noise of the pump on audio tapes made during trials! Oy! Makes me wonder, because my mother is a clerk of the court here. Wonder if she's ever had to deal with anything like that? God, I hope not!

did you check out the Bender costume? Wasn't it great! That guy did an awesome job! think I can get him to make me one, complete with "Olde Fortran" bottle in the inner compartment?

Juggling Freak said...

The World Cup thing came in handy. I have a co-worker who is from Ecuador and a World Cup nut. I made sure to send him that link the day that England beat Ecuador. I also sent it to everyone that sits in the office with him and had them all play it at the same time when he came in. He was really appreciative.

Juggling Freak said...

Also check out this link:

It's a guy who made a homebuilt PC and made a Bender case for it. Welded out of sheet metal.. Most impressive.

Karyn said...

All right, apparently you are spot on about us being entwined souls of some sort - my DH also loves Futurama and likes to tell me what I "Must Blog" about.

Thank God and Glamore for The Tiny Kingdom, right?! - and thanks for linking me, btw.

And awwwww yeah, leftover pizza for breakfast is just about mandatory. :)

Ciao for now - K

Karyn said...

PS: Banging the gavel. Oh holy Jesus. LOL!

How'd he keep a straight face? What did he plan to do? I am more curious to his thought process than anything else.

Objection, Judge! Leading the believe your weiner is bigger than it actually is!

Good grief.

KLee said...

Karyn -- not a prob! I knew when I saw that Food Rule Number One was "No mushrooms!" we'd get on like a house on fire.

Yeah, APL's "banging the gavel" comment was pretty spew-worthy. I'm lucky I had just finished a glass of limeade, or it would have been all over the monitor.

I think the weirdest thing about the whole judge story was that he apparently was so into the pump, he couldn't wait until he was alone -- oh, no! He and Captain Winkie had to have some personal time no matter WHAT was happening around him.

It's interesting to wonder if he was just really *that* small that he had utilize the pump so often....

purple_kangaroo said...

Hmmm, if your husband like Star Wars and Star Trek, he might enjoy this, too.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the Pumping Penis Judge (sigh). This is the kind of thing that makes one oh-so-proud to be an Okie.

Maybe I should start taking a cue from the Coneheads and say that I'm from France in the future.

La Binsk

KLee said...

Nah, Binskie -- if you calim you're from France, people will expect you to start surrendering and stuff.

We don't look badly on oklahoma for this -- freaks are everywhere. I'm just glad he's no longer on the bench, anywhere!

Anonymous said...

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