Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Will it never end?!?

Sorry to have been AWOL for a few days.... I have been spending the time on the phone with my lovely helpful staffers at Human Resources. Human Resources is under the assumption that I do not have the proper credentials to do my job, even though I've provided them with all of the necessary paperwork three times. How hard is it to make a file folder with my name on it?

I had to provide this information (and proof thereof) before I was ever hired, and I've been getting a paycheck all this time, so one would think that all was in order. One would also be erroneous in that assumption. I got a memo from the lovely folks in HR a few months ago, stating that I needed to provide all this information posthaste. I wrangled on the phone with back then about all this, but, in the end, had to pony up the paperwork again. I thought that settled the matter, and the emails flew fast and furious for a while, assuring me that all was in readiness.

Until this last Monday, when I recieve the joyful message from HR once again that I need to provide the documentation. Yet again. Apparently, their idea of "readiness" and mine are quite different. So, once again, I've spent the most part of this week frantically checking my email, and sending yet another copy of all my paperwork to HR.

Dear God, please make it stop!


ccw said...


Don't you wonder what they are doing with your paperwork? Do you think somewhere there is an evil gnome laughing while holding paperwork that was never received?

Claire said...

As the HR person in a HUGE company, all I can say is, "No, it's not that hard to make a folder with your name on it."
Rat them out to someone above them. I guarantee you it will stop.

KLee said...

The thing I find most frustrating about it was that when the first batch of paper was "lost", I went down to HR in person, and handed another set to the person that was supposed to be handling the matter. And, still the snafu.

Claire, I *have* ratted them out. Sent emails to everyone under the sun, and complained in person, and had my site administrator complain. It seems to have had no effect. Apparently, there's been a staff change within the last year because the office was so poorly run, and now they are all playing catchup.

I do have to say that the people that I have managed to deal with have been fairly polite, and I'm sure their job is greatly compounded by the fact that the previous holders of that position were less than stellar at record-keeping. Still, it's very frustrating.

Songbird said...

KLee, a friend of mine taught at the high school where her daughter was a student. Somehow, they managed to *not* send any of daughter's midyear grades to the colleges of her hopes and dreams, and she was wait-listed everywhere. It's no fun when we get lost in the shuffle, especially when it's our own workplace!! Hope this gets straightened out soon!