Thursday, February 02, 2006

Real Life Intervenes

Once again, I must apologise to those of you who share my tiny slice of the blogosphere...real life is kicking me in the pants.

We are facing a major crisis at work -- screwed up personnel records, and the push to redocument absolutely *freaking* EVERYTHING so we are a) not in violation of NCLB and b) so we can pass our accreditation review. This, in addition to teaching a full day, and various faculty meetings. Add my weekly scout meetings and prep time for that into the mix, and I suddenly start having heart palpitations.

So, I'm sorry I'm MIA lately. I am out here. In relatively good health, except for the aforementioned heart palpitations and what is probably turning into a nice blood pressure issue. Just busy. Family's fine. Weather nice, but raining to beat the band currently. Miss you all. Hope all is well, and hopefully, I'll get some time to read and post tomorrow night.

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ccw said...

Hope things slow down soon.

Have a good weekend!