Saturday, January 07, 2006

My House Has Exploded!

It was bad enough when I had to commando-clean the house in order to find room for all the new Christmas stuff. It was even worse when we got more furniture to stuff in our ever-shrinking rooms. But today -- today was the final indignity! Offspring's 10th birthday party. Oh, the horror. There are toys every. fricking. where.

And, it goes without saying, my child is as spoiled as they come. The bratling racked up presents galore, $80 in cash, and $65 in gift cards. And she only had 10 kids come to the party! Of course, the money was burning the proverbial hole in her pocket, and we had to make a late afternoon run to Target. She's now broke. And, it looks like a Toys "R" Us threw up in my living room. And in her bedroom. And down the hallway.

Her actual birthday isn't until Monday. I can only imagine that a few more gifts will trickle in in the next few days.

Happy Birthday, Monkey. Mama loves you more than you will ever know.


RussianViolets said...

Oh, KLee, this is very sweet. My mom used to call me "Monkey," too. :-)

ccw said...

I feel your pain. We go through this every year with Kid L and it just drags on and on because she has fifty million grandparents and a set and a half of parents.

Baby H already receives too much, so I am scared to see what occurs when she has friend b0day parties.

All I can say is sorry for the mess, but enjoy the toys while you can. She won't want toys forever.

Happy Birthday!

corndog said...

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
They call you the monkey
But you don't look anything like one, although I really don't have any idea because I've never seen you.

Toys'R'Us must have really been sick over the holidays, because it had a bad case of explosive diarrhea at our house. I can't walk in the living room without getting the imprint of some friend of Thomas the (frickin') Tank Engine in the bottom of my foot.

liz said...

Happy Birthday!!!