Sunday, September 11, 2005

101 Things About Me

1) I am the older of 2 children.

2) My brother is 4 years younger than I am.

3) I live in the house I spent my childhood in.

4) We just paid off the mortgage on it.

5) And then we bought a new car. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.

6) I *adore* my new car. It’s a Honda Element, and I’m as proud of it as if I’d built it myself.

7) I was not a brilliant student in school, because my math grades brought my GPA down.

8) I was diagnosed with dyscalculia in 11th grade.

9) Dyscalculia is the inability to perform mathematical functions.

10) I’ll be 35 in October, and I still don’t know my times tables.

11) My best friend in high school lived four doors down from my husband – grew up with him – and I never met him.

12) My husband dated a friend of mine when I knew her in high school, and even gave him an audio tape that I had made for her, and I STILL never met him.

13) We were finally set up by a mutual friend when I was in college.

14) The first thing I saw when I met him was JF dancing in circles because our friend had put ice down his pants.

15) I am six feet tall.

16) My daughter was born the day after Elvis.

17) I took French in high school and college.

18) I love doing community theater, and have done about 45 plays.

19) I got my husband into doing them as well.

20) We once played love interests opposite each other (I was Hippolyta and he was Theseus in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.)

21) We had a great make out scene.

22) After the performance, people approached us to make sure that we were husband and wife, not brother and sister.

23) I am very insecure.

24) I often feel like I do not deserve the nice things that I have in life.

25) My right thumb was cut off by my little brother and a car door when I was 12.

26) I have blue eyes, and (currently) blond hair.

27) And very fair skin.

28) Both of my parents are dark completed and dark haired.

29) So is my brother.

30) I am apparently the genetic throwback of the family.

31) I do, however, look like one of my mother’s sisters.

32) My parents divorced when I was 16. It was the best thing for our family.

33) I love to read. I read just about anything.

34) My daughter is my joy.

35) She was born two weeks late.

36) My major in college was English.

37) I had minors in anthropology and theater.

38) I taught myself to sew about eight years ago.

39) I learned how to quilt out of books.

40) I love children, but I don’t want any more of my own.

41) My daughter is an only child, and I hope she’s happy that way.

42) I love to swim, and was on the swim team in college for about 2 weeks before it disbanded.

43) I am a Girl Scout Leader.

44) I am not happy with the way I look.

45) I think my eyes are my best feature.

46) I may not be beautiful, but I try to be the best friend I can be.

47) Blue is my favorite color.

48) One of my favorite parts of my job is creating bulletin boards and art projects.

49) I am a terrible housekeeper. A total slob, in fact.

50) But, I do have times when I have reached my limits, and I have to clean.

51) I do not have enough money (nor is my house clean enough) to hire a cleaning lady.

52) I once apprenticed under a masseuse in college.

53) I do not smoke.

54) In fact, I am allergic to cigarette smoke.

55) Chocolate is my weakness.

56) I love to bake.

57) I am allergic to all kinds of seafood.

58) They think it is an inherent fish oil that I’m allergic to, not the iodine.

59) Even the smell of fish makes me feel ill.

60) I once spent almost a month in Germany. I was visiting a friend whose family was transferred there.

61) I didn’t want to come home. My mother made me get on the plane.

62) I got pickpocketed in Munich.

63) I loved being in Bavaria. Great places to go, wonderful people, and beautiful scenery.

64) I am outspoken.

65) My husband is my best friend, my other half.

66) This will be our 13th year of marriage.

67) My husband proposed on Valentine’s Day.

68) I am fascinated by Queen Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Tudor. I read everything I can find about her.

69) I once belonged to a medieval reenactment society.

70) I do a lot of hand sewing, including Elizabethan blackwork.

71) I love all kinds of fruit.

72) I am a very finicky eater.

73) I don’t like very many vegetables.

74) I live in the South, so if it ain’t fried, we’ll find a way to fry it.

75) I get very motion sick. I get sick looking at a glass of water. I should own stock in Dramamine.

76) I give away almost all of the craft projects I make. I usually make a project with someone in mind.

77) I have a friend who is an award-winning quilter, and I’m in awe of her talent. Also, I’m very jealous.

78) I’m an optimist.

79) I can seriously lose my cool. It’s not pretty.

80) I am fairly liberal in my politics.

81) I support gay rights and women’s reproductive rights.

82) I think the government should not legislate what we do with our bodies, or who we should marry.

83) I have very few friends in real life.

84) I fear that people find me annoying.

85) I’m a Libra, so I crave harmony, and have to mediate situations.

86) I do my best to be a good listener.

87) I sneeze in threes. Usually. I think that’s really weird.

88) I dye my hair, which I keep shorter than most men do.

89) I like my hair blond. It goes better with my fair coloring.

90) Unlike the unremarkable brown it is naturally.

91) I wear glasses.

92) My eyes are too small to get contacts.

93) I’d get the willies about putting something on my eyeballs anyway.

94) I love Mickey Mouse.

95) I collect all kinds of stuff with Mickey on it.

96) I also collect penguins.

97) I wear a lot of pants.

98) Skirts are uncomfortable to me.

99) Corduroy is a fabric of the devil. I once caused a friction fire by my thighs rubbing together from wearing corduroy.

100) Crotch fires are *really* hard to explain.

101) I once gave my husband a sonnet to carry in his wallet.


liz said...

Good list!

jo(e) said...

I like this meme because you learn so many cool random things about people.

ccw said...

What a great list! You are so funny. I will have fried food and crotch fires stuck in me head all day.

Thank you for sharing.

Running2Ks said...

I totally learned a lot of surprising things about you today. You are a tall, beautiful woman, with the shocking ability to pay off a mortgage--that makes you a rare gem, sweetie! But I don't know if we can be friends---I only sneeze in two's. I feel so inadequate ;) I am really glad to have gotten to know you better. If we met IRL, I know we'd be friends :)

Phantom Scribbler said...

Laughing. My entire winter wardrobe consists of Levi's corduroys. (Yes, the same style that I wore in fourth grade. What? Were my clothing tastes supposed to have matured as I got older?) I hope we can still be friends even though I wear the devil's fabric.

I have a friend who is 6'4". Compared to her, you are a shrimp. She says that the one thing she regrets about the birth of her daughter this summer is that it is so hard for a very tall woman in this culture. I feel like I understand from the other side -- because I worry so much about my very short son.

I love that your house isn't clean enough for a cleaning lady! Mine, too.

KLee said...

R2k's -- that tears it! You are OFF my blog, Miss only-sneeze-twice person! How dare you! :)

ccw -- if there's a way to deep fry a crotch fire, I'm sure that some Southerner has already figured it out, marketed it, and retired a filthy rich man to a triple-wide trailer. :)

Phantom -- Thank goodness I'm not as tall as your friend. Pushing six foot is enough, thank you. It made dating in junior high even more hellish than it would have been otherwise. I have the utmost sympathy for your friend. She's right. It *is* hard, being a tall woman. I got the double-whammy, being tall AND fat. It's damned hard to find clothes that fit. Hence, my frequent references to Omar the Tentmaker. :) And, yes -- I'd have to clean to have the cleaning woman come over. Sad, right?

jo(e) -- what random stuff interested you? (I have to find out what the people want, and capitalize the heck outta it!)

halloweenlover said...

The cleaning lady also cracked me up. I have heard so many people say that their houses are too dirty for a cleaning lady. I am just shameless apparently. I figure SOMEONE out there has a dirtier house, maybe that isn't true.

It must have been so hard to go through your childhood not knowing you had dyscalculia. How terrible! Is it just random or hereditary?

We almost got a Honda Element! We love them also. What color? My favorites are the orange and green ones. We ended up getting a CR-V instead, though, because since both our sets of parents live out of state we thought that a car seat and two parents could be picked up at the airport in a CR-V, if we ever have a baby.

#25 is unbelievable! How awful! I am traumatized just by the thought.

#33, we will definitely have to trade books. I just finished the Kiterunner and Me Talk Pretty One Day.

Funny about the fruit because I love all vegetables, but I'm not that into fruit.

I can tell you are a sweet and loyal friend, just from this list.

RussianViolets said...

I'm with you on # 87, and based on this list, I think you are even more amazing than before.

KLee said...

HL -- we got the Silver Element. We liked the blue, but they only had orange and silver in stock when we bought it, and I *hate* orange. It is the coolest thing ever! (For those of you who have no clue what we're jabbering away like monkeys about -- here's a picture of what my car looks like. This is an official Honda picture, not a picture of my particular car the day that Mt. Washeteria went kablooey.)

It's a larger car than we're used to. I like it because I'm a slob, and it has no carpeting -- just PVC flooring that you can sweep, vacuum, or even hose out, if you felt like it. It makes cleanup time SO mcuh easier. Plus, now I have lots more cargo room for hauling around all those cases of Girl Scout cookies.:)

RV -- thank you! That's a very nice compliment. I wish I were amazing, though. Some days I'd be happy with "barely presentable." :) Those are usually the days when I'm wearing my lunch.

Anonymous said...