Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Let's do the Time Warp.....

It's just a jump to the left.....no, no! Not *that* Time Warp! While perusing Scrivener's place today, I decided to follow his top 100 songs of his graduation year with one of my own. The directions are to go to musicoutfitters and enter your year of graduation into the search bar on the left side of the page. then, strike through all the songs you hated, and bold any you liked. Here we go with mine: the Class of 1988!

1. Faith, George Michael Eh. I liked it then, but it's not aged well.
2. Need You Tonight, INXS Loved INXS....Poor Michael Hutchence...
3. Got My Mind Set On You, George Harrison Another one I was fond of, in the day....
4. Never Gonna Give You Up, Rick Astley
5. Sweet Child O' Mine, Guns N' Roses
6. So Emotional, Whitney Houston
7. Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Belinda Carlisle
8. Could've Been, Tiffany
9. Hands To Heaven, Breathe Liked this one...think I still have it on cassette single somewhere.
10. Roll With It, Steve Winwood
11. One More Try, George Michael All right, so I was a Wham! freak!
12. Wishing Well, Terence Trent d'Arby
13. Anything For You, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine
14. The Flame, Cheap Trick Who doesn't like Cheap Trick?!
15. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car, Billy Ocean Don't really care for the song, but all I can think of now is Homer Simpson saying this one...
16. Seasons Change, Expose NOOO!!!!!
17. Is This Love, Whitesnake I wasn't really a metal gal, and this was metal lite, but it was okay.
18. Wild, Wild West, Escape Club Good for dancing, but made no freakin' sense at all!
19. Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leppard Oh, yeah!
20. I'll Always Love You, Taylor Dayne
21. Man In The Mirror, Michael Jackson
22. Shake Your Love, Debbie Gibson Surely a sign of the apocalypse.
23. Simply Irresistible, Robert Palmer Didn;t really like the song, but the damn video was EVERYWHERE!
24. Hold On To The Nights, Richard Marx Liked it then, think it's smarmy now.
25. Hungry Eyes, Eric Carnen
Shattered Dreams, Johnny Hates Jazz Love this one -- still listen to it!
27. Father Figure, George Michael Meh -- this one gave off warning bells...
28. Naught Girls (Need Love Too), Samantha Fox
29. A Groovy Kind Of Love, Phil Collins
30. Love Bites, Def Leppard
31. Endless Summer Nights, Richard Marx
32. Foolish Beat<, Debbie Gibson
33. Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Whitney Houston
34. Angel, Aerosmith Gotta love Aerosmith!
35. Hazy Shade Of Winter, Bangles Liked this one til it was used in, what -- "Less Than Zero"? Then, all I could think about was drugs, Robert Downey, Jr., and fellatio. Ugh. No thank you!
36. The Way You Make Me Feel, Michael Jackson
37. Don't Worry, Be Happy, Bobby McFerrin It's got that island feel, and you can't helpp but dance. Or, at least crack a small smile.
38. Make Me Lose Control, Eric Carnen This song made me lose control. Of my lunch.
39. Red Red Wine, UB40
No. Ick
40. She's Like The Wind, Patric Swayze This is the reason that actors should NEVER try crossover careers.
41. Bad Medicine, Bon Jovi
42. Kokomo, Beach Boys Isn't there a law against playing this song, ever?
43. I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That, Elton John
44. Together Forever, Rick Astley
45. Monkey, George Michael Eh. Liked this one better than ""Father Figure", though.
46. Devil Inside, INXS Yup! :)
47. Should've Known Better, Richard Marx
48. I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love, Chicago
49. The Loco-Motion, Kylie Minogue
50. What Have I Done To Deserve This?, Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield
51. Make It Real, Jets
52. What's On Your Mind, Information Society Okay, so I liked dance music....
53. Tell It To My Heart, Taylor Dayne didn't care about this one, one way or another, but she's got a set of pipes!
54. Out Of The Blue, Debbie Gibson
55. Don't You Want Me, Jody Watley
56. Desire, U2 Loved U2, still do!
57. I Get Weak, Belinda Carlisle
58. Sign Your Name, Terence Trent d'Arby
59. I Want To Be Your Man, Roger
60. Girlfriend, Pebbles
61. Dirty Diana, Michael Jackson
62. 1-2-3, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
63. Mercedes Boy, Pebbles
64. Perfect World, Huey Lewis and the News I liked them then, but I don't remember this particular song...
65. New Sensation, INXS Oh, yeah! I pretty much loved all of their stuff!
66. Catch Me (I'm Falling), Pretty Poison Okay, this was too bubblegum, even for me.
67. If It Isn't Love, New Edition
68. Rocket 2 U, Jets
69. One Good Woman, Peter Cetera ? I don't even remember this one!
70. Don't Be Cruel, Cheap Trick
71. Candle In The Wind, Elton John Who doesn't love this one? I know it got overplayed when Diana died, but it's still a great tune.
72. Everything Your Heart Desires, Daryl Hall and John Oates
73. Say You Will , Foreigner
74. I Want Her, Keith Sweat ???
75. Pink Cadillac, Natalie Cole
76. Fast Car, Tracy Chapman I liked this song, even though it was repetetive.
77. Electric Blue, Icehouse
78. The Valley Road, Bruce Hornsby and The Range
79. Don't Be Cruel, Bobby Brown
80. Always On My Mind, Pet Shop Boys Liked Pet Shop Boys, but can't remember this one.
81. Piano In The Dark, Brenda Russell Featuring Joe Esposito ???
82. When It's Love, Van Halen
83. Don't Shed A Tear, Paul Carrack
I don't even remember this one!
84. We'll Be Together, Sting
85. I Hate Myself For Loving You, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts
86. I Don't Want To Live Without You, Foreigner
87. Nite And Day, Al B. Sure
I don't remember this one, either.
88. Don't You Know What The Night Can Do, Steve Winwood No, and I don't wanna.
89. One Moment In Time, Whitney Houston
90. Can't Stay Away From You, Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine
91. Kissing A Fool, George Michael Liked it then, but probably wouldn't listen to it now.
92. Cherry Bomb, John Cougar Mellancamp
93. I Still Believe, Brenda K. Starr
I don't remember this one!
94. I Found Someone, Cher retch!
95. Never Tear Us Apart, INXS Loved it!
96. Valerie, Steve Windwood
97. Just Like Paradise, David Lee Roth
98. Nothin' But A Good Time, Poison
99. Wait, White Lion Metal lite, but all right.
100. Prove Your Love, Taylor Dayne


Running2Ks said...

Yikes! Your list is a couple of years older than mine would be and yowza. I said it before and I'll say it again. Early/mid 80s is when I should have graduated :)

Songbird said...

Oh, you young girls. I am such an old lady. KLee, in 1988 I was listening to nothing but Raffi!!!

ccw said...

I looked at my list, but I didn't care for much of the music. I like your list much better. Although there is a lot of your list that I did like b/c I am a little younger than you.

I agree much of the music we liked does seem smarmy now. Oh, the memories!

KLee said...

Some of the songs that are on the '88 list are just painful, but it's not as bad as some of the other ones I saw, :)

Songbird, you're not old! We won't hold the fact that your attitude and your numerical age assignment don't match up. My mama always said it wasn't the age, it was the mileage. :) Although, I *might* hold Raffi against you. (Ew.) I do have to say that Raffi is much less annoying than Barney on any given day. Someone shoulda made sure that dinosaur was history. (Did anyone ever see "Death to Smoochy?")

ccw, I don't care for a lot of my list, either, but I'm sure I thought I was one hot chick back then. I never had the high 80's hair, like RussianViolets, though. I was one of the weirdo "art student" looking-types who had the geometric haircuts.

And wore a "Frankie Says Relax!" T-shirt! :)

Anonymous said...

Frankie! Yessssss! :-) (While I looked down my nose like a 'good christian' at my wicked classmates who wore such t-shirts and listened to such 'evil' music, I secretly harbored a great love for that song...and for many other 'forbidden' songs, many of which appear on this list.) I think your '88 list may be better than my own of '89. Ah, well, jealousy will get us nowhere.

All your comments in red had me chortling heartily. I must go, for now I feel the need to make significantly large CD purchases. Haha.


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