Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not Dead Yet

I'm sorry that I have been posting even less than normal lately, but I seem to have no time at all. School is eating up my days, and most of my nights. All is going well on the college front (I got an A on my midterm -- hooray!) but we're heading down the home stretch towards finals. This means more studying and more assignments.

I spent today at home sick. Woke up this morning with a 101-degree fever and some stomach-churning. After being sick one time, the nausea thankfully subsided. Now I'm just left with the odd fever spike and a feeling like I have a box of Triscuits stuck up my nose.

Despite the yuck, I had an assignment to write and upload to my professor before class tomorrow. I'm a little mad at Blackboard -- they've removed the automatic grade average (the "weighted total") at the bottom, though this may be in my best interest, since I checked it rather obsessively. I got the assignment finished and uploaded, and made dinner (tacos) and some cupcakes for my troop's Birthday Party for Juliette Low on Thursday. Instead of posting, I should be working on my next assignment, but I am officially putting that off until Friday night.

Currently, we are observing a time-honored family tradition: the Annual Watching of The Great Pumpkin. This is a ritual strictly observed in our household, with non-believers being labeled as "commies." Offspring expressed an interest in NOT watching The Great Pumpkin this year, and her father questioned her paternity, and my truthfulness as her mother. There was even some mild cursing. JF then turned on BOTH televisions to maximize the Pumpkin-y goodness, and proceeded to insist that tradition be observed and maintained. I will keep you posted on whether Offspring remains shunned from the family unit or not.


ccw said...

That is certainly a shun worthy offense. What was she thinking?

If she should decide to skip the Christmas Charlie Brown, I say lock her outside.

kathy a. said...

eh, i suspect she not only watched but loved the pumpkin -- snide comments notwithstanding.

hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Haha!! Your title of your post reminded me of a song-- a recent song that your 12 yo would know-- by the Superchicks!!

It goes kinda like this: "Don't bury me, I'm not yet dead, not yet dead--I'm alive I'm alive I'm alive!! That's what I say-- I'm gonna live today" Or something like that -- such coincedence, huh??

Yep-- I'm listening to all the rage in 12yo music-- just like you!!
love the post!! Tina

purple_kangaroo said...

So did she end up watching it?

Anonymous said...

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