Thursday, September 03, 2009

They Have Created A Monster!

So, in my new role for this school year, I am leaning sign language. The kids are delighted to be teaching ME, rather than the other way around.

I picked up the REALLY important stuff the first two days: "more", "cookie", "please", "sorry", "Good morning", "bus", "what", "which", "sit", and so forth.

Today, they started teaching me the signs for various foods: potato, bread, hot dog, taco, broccoli, banana, strawberry, spaghetti, oatmeal, blueberry, soup, cereal, lemon, bacon, toast, sandwich, cheese... I did pretty well when quizzed right after the fact, but the real kicker will be when I remember them tomorrow, or even a month from now. I've been told to prepare myself mentally for a "test" tomorrow.

I've been coming home and signing all that I can remember to JF and Offspring, and tonight at the dinner table, the following conversation occurred:

Offspring: (as she's walking to the dining room from her bedroom) "What's for dinner?"

JF: "Food!"

Me: (as she takes her seat) "Chicken, potatoes, and mixed vegetables. I know the signs for chicken and potatoes, and I know carrots and corn, but not peas."

(I proceed to demonstrate the newly-learned signs.)

Offspring: "Mom, you know -- I don't really care. I had enough of learning already today."

Feel the love, people.


Speaking of school, we had a lock-down today because apparently come carjackers were in the area next to our school, and they were armed. After a harrowing afternoon involving many cops and police dogs and helicopters in the area, the all-clear was finally given. None of our students was harmed, and hopefully, no one got totally freaked by the experience, but stuff like that REALLY makes me nervous as all get-out.

Glad everything worked out.


ccw said...

I love your child! Tell her she is supposed to fake interest even if all she wants you to do is shut up (or put your hands away).

I'm glad that the kids did not get worked up over the lock down. However, I think it's completely normal for something like that to scare you; you never know what might happen in that type of situation. I would be more concerned if it didn't make you nervous.

Miche said...

The best part about knowing sign language is when you lose your voice, you can still let JF know what you need!

The lock down sounds scary. Glad everything's OK.

liz said...


And YAY! for learning ASL!