Saturday, June 20, 2009

What In Hell Made Me Think I Could Do This?!?!

School (college) starts on Monday. I have spent the latter part of this week getting ready for the start of Summer Term. School (elementary school) ended on Wednesday, and since then, I have had to focus away from my full-time job, and onto my soon-to-be-starting school (college.)

Yesterday, I had to go downtown to the main administrative building to get my student ID, even though I will be taking an online class. The reason that I went ahead and got the student ID was so that I could get into various buildings, should I need them, like the library, and the student center. I also took my husband to lunch, and then we went to pick up my textbooks and some of the supplies. My God, I had forgotten how freaking expensive college is! Thank God I had some of the necessary supplies here at home, or I'd be in deep doo-doo.

This morning, I finished up my online orientation, and the requisite assignments that that entailed, and printed out the 10-week syllabus. I looked over the first lesson, and went ahead and read the first 3 chapters in the textbook. My overwhelming thought now, is "what in hell have you gotten yourself into? Don't you know you're pushing 40? It's not like you're a coed who can cram all night and still function like a living human being during class during the day!" A good bet for your entertainment for the next 10 weeks would be to stay tuned and watch me self-flagellate daily. That, or spontaneously combust. Oy.


Miranda said...

KLee, I found college *much* easier as a mom of three than as a 20 year old. I was much more focused and I had a much larger pool of knowledge to pull from that made studying less difficult.

You can do this and you will ROCK!

LaReina said...

Another thing to remember, KLee, is that the first week or so of the semester is always rough - it takes a week or two to get into the rhythm and realize, "Yes! I can do this!"

And so you shall.

Now go do your homework, young lady!

liz said...

What they both said!

You are going to KICK ASS!

Anonymous said...

Hey-- 20 yo--- has nothing but boys on the brain.

-- YOU have got your hot muffin and can concentrate on what's important in life!!

That's all that matters! Tina