Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I woke up this morning at 4:14am to a raging migraine. While this was distressing, the worst of it is that I had just been to the doctor on Monday to complain about headache pain. I've been having a low-grade chronic headache for about a month, which scares the bejeezus out of me.

The doc has me taking what is actually an anti-seizure medication, but which has been used successfully to minimize migraine symptoms and severity. I've been taking the meds for 2 days now. Not even hardly enough time to get into the bloodstream, much less do me any good.

So, the migraine this morning. It was bad. Really bad. Contemplating going-to-the-hospital sort of bad. I took meds, which didn't help, and I vomited for about three hours straight. Now my throat is raw, and my whole body hurts from heaving.

I called in sick to work, which I'm *sure* earned me brownie points because we are currently undergoing standardized testing, and need every available body. Never mind the fact that I couldn't even function until early this afternoon, much less work and help administer an exam.

I hate being sick. I hate migraines.


kathy a. said...

((( klee ))) i don't have migraines but know they suck. not just a headache.

for what it is worth, some of my friends who have migraines have done well on the anti-seizure meds. which take some time to build up to a therapeutic level. but there is some connection -- i think the thinking is, both are caused by minor glitches in the electrical system of the brain, or something like that. [like it feels minor, sheesh, but yay for treatments.]

Marni said...

Oh honey... I hope it gets better soon.

halloweenlover said...

You poor thing! That honestly sounds horrific. I have had migraines, but never for that long. I can't even imagine.

Thinking about you.

liz said...

Thinking of you and hoping that the headache is now just a bad memory.

ccw said...


There is not much worse than a migraine. I hope that the medicine helps lessen your pain.

On a lighter note, if it is the same anti-convulsant I am taking we can get together and start a Barbie weave business. :)

kathy a. said...

klee, you have gone underground for a while. hope all is OK.