Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tales From the Schoolyard

Our little city is well-known for its sub-tropical climate, and lately has been no different. The temperature was 75 on Christmas. Really puts you in the holiday spirit, right?

It was unseasonably warm here. Until about three days ago. Then the cold and dreary, wet weather blew in, and we've had kids bundled up like the Michelin Man roaming the grounds for the last few days. (The sad thing is that it STILL isn't that cold yet, but it's on the way. the weather men say...I no longer trust the local ones. They're not even *trying* anymore! Their forecasts are: "It will be between 63 and 68." Huh? *I* can do that much, and I didn't go to meteorological school!)

At any rate, dismissal this afternoon, the kids were pulling on jackets as they left the main building. Most made comments about the cold. Two fifth graders walked by, and this is the little snippet of conversation I caught before they were out of range:

Big Boy: "Man, it's COLD out here!"
Other Big Boy: "Yeah, it's colder than a witch's....."
BB: "A witch's what?"
OBB: "I dunno, I forget the rest. But, it's colder than the coldest part of that witch!"

Sheer genius. And, no - they weren't modifiying the conversation because I was near -- fifth graders just don't care that much. They obviously have heard the "colder than a witch's teat" saw somewhere before, but probably didn't know what "teat" meant, so therefore forgot it. Ah, the joys of kids!


La Reina said...

I'm caught in the arctic air mass that swept into the Midwest. Right now, at 10:46 AM our actual air temperature is -14. The high today will remain below zero. Over night, forecasts call for the air temp to get into the negative 20s (anywhere from -20 to -26, depending on the source and your particular location) with a windchill factor plummeting to -50.

This is colder than a witch's worst cold spell!

And guess what? We're not even the coldest town on today's weather map!

ccw said...

Bwah!! That is so funny. I actually think it sounds better that way.

Maybe I could get a job as the weather woman?

It's 9 degrees here so I'd take 63-68 any day.

liz said...

That is fireplacing adorable!

It's a balmy 18 here today.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! Colder than a witch's teat!! and they forgot the most important anatomy they will revere for most of their adult life!! Haahaha!

Ok, I have to admit, I live in the balmy Southern states, 49 here tonight?? oh well, it's not going to freeze a witch's tit off!!