Saturday, December 13, 2008

Please, Lord -- Let Me Make It

We have five days of school left.

Every year, I forget how hellish the last week before Christmas break actually is. I remember it as being bad, but I tend to minimize the more horrible details simply because I'm an optimist, and my mind just happens to work that way.

So, not only are there 5 days of school left to get through, with all of the Christmas anticipation that that involves, but there is also a "super moon" waning at the moment. A "super moon", apparently, is not just any crazy-making, normal, full moon, but a full moon that is the closest to Earth that it has been for 15 years, and will be again for another 8 years. So, this means little people who are virtually wetting their pants in excitement over the holiday and who know that we only have five days of school left before two weeks off, but ALSO a large celestial body that plays havoc with moods and behavior.

Now, I can hear some of you scoffing -- full moon? Really? YES. REALLY. I was never one to put much stock in all of that mumbo-jumbo until I started working in the education sector. It, surprisingly, is true that full moons do mean more headaches (and work) for teachers, policemen, and hospitals. I would have never thought it was true, but every! single! time! my kids are acting like they've got no blasted sense at all, there's been a full moon.

Kids who normally are so well-behaved that I wish to clone them are acting up. Kids that I would have NEVER thought to have a note sent home to Mama are making some VERY poor choices. And not just the "I was talking when I should have been working" choices.... more like the "I hit her in the mouth because she looked at my eraser" choices. Like the "I cut my new school shirt up with scissors just because" kind of choices. I had one little boy CRY the other day because he didn't know where to sit on the carpet for story time. We sit in the same places every time we go to the carpet!

Nevermind the fact that there will probably be little to no actual REAL work this week -- there will be a lot of coloring, and lots of art projects, and on Thursday, we will be making individual gingerbread houses. On Friday, we will watch holiday movies, and allow the kids to come to school in their pajamas, and drink hot cocoa all day. That's really going to help all the hyperactivity.

Just five more days. Please don't let me go postal on anyone.


amy said...

Oh, good Lord, thank you for the laugh, KLee! "I hit her in the mouth because she looked at my eraser"?! The sad part is that you didn't exaggerate that, I'm sure of it.

Wishing you the very, VERY best of luck this week.

KLee said...

No, sadly, that was NOT an exaggeration. That happened on Friday of last week. The tempers, they are a-flaring.