Sunday, March 23, 2008

Seriously Bummed

I just found out that my favorite singer, Fish, has some US gig dates planned. This is big news because the cost of touring in the US is astronomical for a small, independent artist like him, and the travels to this side of the world are few and far between.

The *bad* news is that he won't be coming any nearer to my location than Washington, DC. He has gigs planned this June for San Francisco; LA; Boulder; Milwaukee; Chicago; Cleveland; NYC; Bethlehem, PA; Philadelphia; DC; New Haven, CT; and Boston. Nothing even *remotely* in the South.

The one and only time that I've been lucky enough to see him perform was in Atlanta in 2000. I was hoping that he'd come up with an Atlanta show this go-round, but so far, no. I truly wish I'd be able to make it to the DC show, but it doesn't look promising. The ticket price will probably be nominal, but I can't justify the hellacious drive for only a concert. And, then you'd have to throw in hotel costs and fuel.... Oy.

I can only urge all my bloggy friends to listen to his music, and go see him live if you can. He truly has a great stage presence, and is a hell of a nice guy to boot. You can visit his MySpace page here and listen to clips from the newest album, 13th Star, or you can follow the link above to his official site and peruse there.