Saturday, March 08, 2008

Random iTunes

Since I'm one of those people who are right there on top of all those trends (*snort*), I thought I'd post a selection of my recent iTunes purchases.

This is what's really keeping me from more thoughtful and incisive posting -- well, that and the 36 pounds worth of craft stuff that came in last weekend's mail. (Whoever in the back was that muttered, "And because you're boring, and have no life...", you can bloody well stuff it.) Now, before you all freak right out, over half of that 36 pounds was for other people. So, I'm only HALF as obsessed as you originally thought. I'll post pics later of all the new craft projects, btw. Eventually. Some day.

Anyway, I listen to the iTunes stuff while I work in the craft room. These are my recent faves:

1.) Give Myself To You -- Train
2.) Crystal Ball -- Keane
3.) Lovesong -- Cure
4.) Get Back Together -- Everything But The Girl
5.) Pain -- Three Days Grace
6.) Time Stood Still -- Bad English
7.) The Downeaster "Alexa" -- Billy Joel
8.) Fix You -- Coldplay
9.) Breathe Me -- Sia
10.) Sunrise -- Simply Red

Yes, it's a rather odd mixture, but those of you who actually listen to me prattle on about my music selections will be relieved to see that there are no tracks by Marillion, Fish, or u2. Life may cease to exist as we know it.

Mad props (and curmudgeonly curses) to Karyn for turning me onto Coldplay. You'd think those Limeys were onto something, huh?


ccw said...

My iPod is filled with all Coldplay in existence thanks to something, somewhere my husband does which I am sure is completely legal.

I also have a diverse mix. You can hear Disney crap, punk, rock, hair metal, heavy metal, oldies, 80's galore, and dance music all in one place.

Gawdess said...

I liked your mix!
I run and usually that is my time to listen to music - and my mixes are weird - whatever it takes to help me keep one foot in front of the other!