Monday, January 14, 2008

Luck Was With Me

I have a designated parking space at school, and I often get very frustrated to arrive at school and discover that someone is parked in my space.

It happened again this morning -- the fourth time in about seven school days -- and I was hoppin' mad. One time is bad enough but *four* times? When I walked into the front office, I told our secretary that someone was parked in my space, AGAIN, and I made no bones about the fact that I was miffed. I let the secretary know that for three days, it was a gold colored Mitsubishi, and today, it was a white Taurus, in case she knew to whom those cars belonged.

I had guessed that they belonged to parents or substitutes, since most staff know not to park in the assigned spaces.

Around nine-thirty in the morning, the owner of the white Taurus is paged to the office. I only half-listened to the announcement, since I was busy with my morning routine.

Later in the morning, I ran up to the teacher's workroom to make some copies, and popped into the front office to grab some scotch tape. The secretary then informed me that I had better count my blessings because a parent had lost control of her car earlier, backed right into the car that was parked in my space, and there was a fair amount of damage done.

I don't think I'll complain too loudly that people are parked in my space anymore. Karma can be a real bitch.


ccw said...

It's awful but I am laughing out loud about the car being hit. I have a feeling that person will not take your space again.

Miche said...

Gotta love it when fate works with you!