Saturday, January 26, 2008

Horrible Mother Abandons Family

Juggling Freak and Offspring know I have this almost unhealthy obsession with crafting, and for the most part, they tolerate it pretty well. Usually at the holidays, and my birthday, they cross the line from "toleration" into "enabling" by buying me all kinds of craft items. (I would also hazard a guess that they're not all too torn up about my crafting proclivities when they need a quick greeting card for whatever reason....)

At any rate, I got up what one would euphemistically call "early" this morning because I have a crafting session that I have to go to this afternoon. JF said that he knew I wouldn't get up early for THEM, but I would for crafting. They ribbed me quite a bit about abandoning the family in order to go play.

I'm a horrible mother. And quite unrepentant about it, really. :)


liz said...

Love it!

Miche said...

Mmm.... playtime!

Good for you! Hope you had fun!

Quinn said...

Yay, horrible mother! Did I mention I went to a movie AT THE THEATER with my mother without any children this weekend?

purple_kangaroo said...

I hope you had a great time!