Monday, November 19, 2007

Poor Guy

Juggling Freak is allergic to pork. I am allergic to seafood. Between our two allergies, we eat a LOT of beef and chicken. When we go out to dinner, he will often order shrimp, while I order stuff with bacon. He and Offspring adore Mexican and Italian food, but I can't handle all the spicy sauces and tomato products. There's something about tomatoes that really do me in. They cause me untold heartburn, and if I eat either Mexican/Italian or tomatoes too often, I suffer for days.

JF and Offspring are usually pretty good about not demanding either Mexican or spaghetti too often, in deference to me. Tonight, I ran to the the grocery store after work to pick up a few last things for the upcoming Thanksgiving meal. While there, I thought I'd do a Nice Thing and pick up a frozen lasagna for dinner. It ain't haute cuisine, but it satisfies their tomato-y urge for a bit. My mind on my shopping, I just picked up the familiar red boxed lasagna, and paid for my purchases.

When JF got home, he was excited to hear that lasagna was tonight's menu, and was looking forward to dinner. Almost two hours later (those stupid things take so freaking long to cook!), he was hungrily awaiting his meal. As I dished it up and took my first bite, I thought I tasted sausage, but I knew that couldn't be right -- we'd had this lasagna many times before, and it was always beef! JF checked the fine print on the back of the box, and sure enough.... made with beef AND pork. I had, apparently, chosen the wrong one. It was labeled as "with meat sauce", but it didn't specify beef only.

He ate it anyway, and put a brave face on it, but about thirty minutes after dinner, he went to go change a light bulb in my craft room for me while I did the dishes and shortly after, I heard him tossing his cookies in the bathroom.

My poor boo! I feel terrible! I didn't pay attention to the box, and now my poor husband is suffering for it. He emerged from the bathroom, shaky and clammy, and went straight to bed. Add "husband poisoner" to the list of my failings. Luckily, his allergy is not as serious as mine, and pork will only make him vomit. Still, it's no picnic enjoying lasagna twice. I hope he feels better in the morning.


Jenevieve said...

Oh, poor JF! But it's not your fault- when I see "meat sauce" I assume beef, too. And why did he eat it if he knew what the end result would be? That's why God made peanut butter sandwiches.

jugglingfreak said...

Because I had already eaten about 3/4ths of it before we noticed. I'm a pig.

No pun intended.

coffeypot said...

The Waffle House has chicken and beef. Better than up-chucking.

Miche said...

Urgh. Poor JF. I hope that both JF and Offspring are back to good health!

Food allergies are awful. Especially when they're unique to each family member. It can really restrict your menu choices!

ccw said...

husband poisoner - LOL!

So sorry that JF had a miserable evening. I hope that the Thanksgiving meal is better for him.

Karyn said...

Oh dear oh dear... I feel for you both!!!!!